Airpods Pro vs Airpods 2

Are Airpods Pro better than Airpods 2? How?

Airpods Pro got released on October 30. It could be argued that the original Apple AirPods popularized the truly wireless earbud format, they have become one of the most popular true wireless earbud models. Airpods Pro has impressive features like ANC (active noise cancellation), Transparency mode, wireless charging case, water, and sweat resistance and above all in-ear design with multiple tips. 

Here we bring for you the comparison on an AirPods Pro vs. AirPods gen 2 based on features, price, size, weight, and more. Read on…

AirPods Pro, the name itself suggests that this version of Apple AirPods is rich with the new features and capabilities that don’t come cheaper 😛 Though many customers may find the $249 is reasonable due to the premium features offered by it.

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AirPods Pro Vs AirPods Gen 2 comparison

Six major rich features that AirPods gen 2 lacks:

  • Audio Transparency mode
  • ANC (Active noise cancellation)
  • Adaptive EQ
  • IPX4 water/sweat resistance
  • In-ear design with three sets of tips
  • Vent System for pressure equalization

Don’t stop here! Go on as we are going to breakdown these unique features and also we will cover a variety of other smaller differences like battery life, size, weight, control and many more. That will give you a clear picture of whether you want to spend the extra $50 or want to stay with AirPods gen 2.


Apple launches in-ear design with silicone tips a “customizable fit” for AirPods Pro, though in the AirPods gen 2 non-in-ear design is referred to as a “universal fit.” The in-ear design of AirPods Pro certainly works for almost any ear size including small, medium, and large tips.

A fitting Ear Tip Fit Test done via software tells using an algorithm whether you have picked the right size tips or not.

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Transparency Mode

Get great awareness of your surroundings and more easily talk with others using the Transparency mode that lets sound in. A great feature who do running, cycling or exercising in busy places.

The outward- and inward-facing microphones enable Airpods Pro to undo the sound-isolating effect of the silicone tips. That makes the sound feel natural, such as when you are talking to people around you.

ANC (Active noise cancellation)

Transparency mode and Active noise cancellation are two of the most captivating features.

AirPods Pro block out environment sound using an inward-facing microphone and an outward-facing microphone, to create superior noise cancellation. Active Noise Cancellation silences the world to keep you fully tuned in to your podcasts, calls, and music. 

Adaptive EQ

This unique feature, Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to the shape of your ears for a consistent listening experience and offers “superior sound quality.”

Water and Sweat resistance

While the gen 1 and gen 2 AirPods have been shown to withstand water and sweat in a decent variety of scenarios. AirPods Pro is officially water and sweat resistance with an IPX4 rating (that’s protection for up to 10 minutes of water or sweat splashing on the wireless earphones).

Apple included air vents to reduce potential pressure and isolation to build up.

Now let’s come to the different part of AirPods Pro and AirPods 2

Force Sensor

AirPods Pro controls includes: 

1. Single Press: To play, pause or answer a phone call

2. Press Twice: To skip forward

3. Press three times: To skip back

4. Press and hold: switch between ANC and transparency mode

Whereas the gen 2 there are only 2 options to customize for a double-tap of the right and left AirPod. Check this detailed guide, if you want to customize AirPods pro force sensor controls.

Size and Weight Comparison

AirPods Pro AirPod 2
Height 1.22 inches 1.59 inches
0.86 inch
0.65 inch
Depth 0.94 inch 0.71 inch
Weight 0.19 ounce 0.14 ounce

AirPod Charging case comparison

AirPods Pro AirPod 2
Height 1.78 inches 2.11 inches
2.39 inches
1.74 inches
Depth 0.85 inch 0.84 inch
Weight 1.61 ounce 1.41 ounces

The carry case aka the charging case is wider in design and shorter in height.

Battery Life

Apple AirPods Pro features the same battery life as of AirPods gen 2, but without ANC. But you can get an impressive 4.5 hours battery life with ANC. Another one is AirPods Pro offers 3.5 hour talk time whereas AirPods have 3 hours. 

AirPods Pro like AirPods offers 24 hours of listening time (including the Wireless Charging Case). 

Like AirPods, AirPods Pro features ultra-fast charging with 5 minutes in the case(giving 1 hour of listening time).


When it comes to cost, AirPods Pro at $249 as they are feature-rich and Apple’s gen 2 AirPods with Wireless Charging Case is at $199 (less on Amazon).

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A Detailed Comparison of Airpods Pro vs Airpods 2


Airpods 2 were very highly criticized in the market but Apple has done a great job in providing exciting new features in Airpods Pro. They are worth it.

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Are Airpods Pro better than Airpods 2? How?

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