25 Apps That Will Help Students Become Better in 2020

Best Apps for Students

Technology continues to enhance day by day, there are so many apps that will make your study easy and fun. Today I am gonna discuss some best apps for students on smartphones. These apps that can help you gain knowledge, stay updated with the latest news, increase your productivity, collect your notes, provide you with … Read more 25 Apps That Will Help Students Become Better in 2020

Speak Notes : Easiest way to Take Notes

Speak Notes

As already told it is the simple, light, quick and effective note-making app. You can organize life and accomplish more with Speak Notes. This app comes with speech recognition ability. You can dictate notes and app will transcribe them for you. You can also add Reminder to each voice memos and audio text you enter. Speak Notes is simple, lightweight, and super easy to use but with many great features that will help you to be more productive. Rather than typing long sentences and memo, you can just relax and take notes by speaking out loud and let this app turn your speech to text. Speak and Type, So useful and easy.