Raindrop.io - Best way to manage your bookmarks

Raindrop.io – Best way to manage your Bookmarks

Raindrop.io a powerful bookmark manager, Most of us use the built-in bookmarks mangers on our browsers, but they are fairly limiting.

Apart from the traditional bookmarks, you can save and organize other types of data like articles, photos, screenshots, etc. It gives you an easy way to organize with auto-suggest tags, thematic collections, bulk operations and much more.

Most of us use the built-in bookmarks mangers on our browsers, but they are fairly limiting. For beginners, even if you sync them across devices, your bookmarks are not accessible outside the browser. Secondly, most of the browsers hardly do the basics when it comes to bookmarks.

How Raindrop.io works?

Features of Raindrop.io Bookmarking App

Raindrop.io – is available on the Web as a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera, and via apps for iOS and Android. The platform lets you store your bookmarks and also makes it easier for you to organize them more efficiently. 

It is also available on the Mac and Windows platform as a desktop app.

To Get Started with Raindrop.io

1. Go to the website raindrop.io

2. Here you find 2 options- Sign up and install App or Extension

3. By clicking on Install App or Extension, it will take you to the window offering you Browser Extension for browsers Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox.

4. You can select the browser for which you want to add the raindrop.io extension.

5. By clicking on the add extension button, the extension will be added to your browser.

6. Click on the cloud sign at the extreme right and adjacent to the address bar.

7. When you use it for the first time, the extension asks you about how you want to use it, as a Mini app or Clipper.

8. Mini App gives you the same experience as of web app but with the compact size (You can browse, organize, search, and add new bookmarks).

9. On the other hand, Clipper is the fastest way to add the bookmark, Just click and here you go.

10. The extension will let you create a collection for different topics. All the bookmarks are available along with the maintenance of the duplicates, broken links, tags and trash. You can also view the unsorted bookmarks(the bookmarks which are not added in any collection)

11. By tapping on the button “Add bookmark” the link of the website will be added to your collection.

12. The marked bookmark will automatically have the Title, description of the link along with URL and screenshot.

13. You can also add tags to further differentiate it and help you search your bookmarks easily (later).

Adding a new link in Raindrop.io

14. The right mouse click will give you more privileges on the collections such as you can drag and drop your bookmarks between collections.

15. You can also edit the added bookmark by tapping on the edit option.

16. Also, the 3-horizontal dots provide you multiple options such as Open in the browser, Copy link to the clipboard, Preview, select, Add/Remove from favorite, create Page Screenshot, refresh Preview, edit and remove.

17. By right-clicking on the collection offers you multiple options including open in browser, create a nested collection, Edit, remove.

18. By Clicking on edit you get the options such as Change name, icon, sharing( by link or email), RSS(creating public RSS feed or Private RSS feed), Create nested collection (the pro version is required) and delete the collection.

19. You can also integrate your bookmarks with Dropbox and google drive(available in pro version).

20. Import of Bookmarks from the browser, Instapaper, Pocket, Pinboard, Diego or any other service is available.

21. Export Bookmarks feature is also available.

Note: The working of raindrop.io apps and other extensions is the same as stated above for chrome extension.

Now that we have discussed the basic functionality of Raindrop.io, for the rest of this post I will discuss some frequently asked questions about the Raindrop.io app.

Comparison of Raindrop.io plans(free and paid version)

Free version

The free version offers an unlimited number of bookmarks, collections, and devices. The free raindrop.io app is available for Mac, iOS, Android, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Share and collaboration option is available( by default it is Private)

You can upload up to 60 Mb of images per month

All the essential features are available – search, add tags, preview, edit title, add a description, add, remove, import and export.

The paid version of Raindrop.io offers

As you would expect All the features stated above for free are available for the pro version.

1. You can create nested collections.

2. You can find the broken links and wipe them away from your collections and get a clean chit from the broken links.

3. The pro version also offers you help to find the duplicates

4. Cloud backup option is available (for Google Drive as well as Dropbox)

5. You can upload up to 1 GB images per month

6. No ads and enabled in all platforms

7. Also, the auto-suggested tag option is available

Raindrop.io works offline or not?

The simple answer is No, you need the internet connection to view your bookmarks. All your bookmarks, previews, collections, tags are saved on the Raindrop.io servers. Each time you open up your browser extension, the Raindrop.io mobile app or even desktop apps, you need to have an internet connection to view your data. Here is the evidence.

Raindrop.io does not work offline
Raindrop.io does not work offline

Do Raindrop.io syncs bookmarks realtime?

We already know that Raindrop.io syncs bookmarks. When you save a new bookmark, the app will save it in your account on the Raindrop.io server.

Now suppose you save the link in your mobile and you now switch to your Macbook (or any laptop), you can see that new link. So yes, it syncs your bookmarks in realtime.

Raindrop.io vs Pocket

Raindrop.io  and Pocket both are among the best bookmark managers.

The major drawback that Raindrop.io has, that the app would not allow you to add URL’s offline. It would be best to line up these for auto upload when you online next time but it doesn’t.

Sometimes when you do not have internet access but you would like to add items to Raindrop then you find that Pocket is best. Cause Raindrop.io will give you an error if you try to add items when there is no internet access. 

Moreover, without the internet, you cannot add to a collection or add a tag, you will have the link to the catalog later.

Alternatives of Raindrop.io

If you don’t like Raindrop.io or you want to compare the features with something else. Try out these options.


This is the number one alternative to Raindrop.io where you can read stories offline, save and share your articles, or save whatever you find interesting over the internet.

You can also discover new content on Pocket.


This mobile app lets you save the content or articles from around the web and allows you to read them later even when offline.

The app improves the reading experience by making your content look like a newspaper, trimming articles to their most basic form.


Diigo can help you to save web pages and PDFs to your library, highlighting anything you need to remember by adding notes for your own reference. This is not even close to the features offered by Raindrop.io.

Check out best apps for saving and organizing bookmarks.

Raindrop.io is good or bad? My Review

The good thing is that there are no negatives about raindrop.io

It lets you keep the best individual articles and on top of everything that you want to track that keeps the whole process pretty seamless. All this with an interface is easier to work than a basic list of bookmarks. It also serves as a replacement for Pocket or Instapaper as your read-it-later service.

The only downside is that this app doesn’t let you store your articles offline as Pocket or Instapaper does.

Go and try out Raindrop.io to save your important links, may it be images, tutorials, videos, any online resource. Let me know your thoughts about it.

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Raindrop.io – Best way to manage your Bookmarks

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