PlantSnap Best App to Know about any plant

PlantSnap – Best App to Know about any plant in the world

While roaming stumble across a plant and wonder what this beautiful plant or flower called? What if you have some app right on your smartphone that will tell you its name. Yes! an app- PlantSnap.

Well, PlantSnap is an app available in android and apple store that instantly identify all kinds of plants, flowers, succulents, trees, mushrooms, more! PlantSnap has the resources and technology you need. PlantSnap is an identification app from  The app is built with the aim to help users immediately identify plants from the snap. Here is a short intro video.

Plantsnap Intro

The algorithm of this app recognizes 90% of all species of the plants on the planet. 316,000 species are available in the searchable database of this app. So, PlantSnap will give you the detail of the plant in seconds using its rich database.

Working of App PlantSnap

PlantSnap connects you to the natural world around you and gives you the opportunity to learn about nearby plants or browse your gallery of plant snaps to discover new and exotic plants all over the world.

First, register with an email or Facebook account. The instructional video helps you to learn about the app. A user can grant/deny permission to access location. Then tap the “Snap” icon go close to the leaves or flowers, and don’t forget to center snap for correct analysis.

The user can also expand or pinch the image for the best fit.  The user can also identify images of the plant already saved on the phone. The app identifies the most likely plant and also provides alternative choices. Choose what result you think is the best match and tap “accept” or if it doesn’t match tap “decline.” 

The app will give you the plants’ scientific name, category, most common locations, and origins. The app gives you the option to save all of your snapshots in a self-made catalog.

PlantSnap screen after login
PlantSnap screen after login
PlantSnap working
PlantSnap working

PlantSnap is integrated with a website that allows the user to upload photos from a smartphone or computer to recognize the plant.  The user can also check items from My Collection.

Powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence makes it learns and improves with every image that the user feeds in it.  With each image you took helps the PlantSnap to be better and add the image to its growing Plant Database.


  • Know about plants with your smartphone camera
  • Immediately know about the name of plants with a picture.
  • Take a snap with your camera, move the picture into PlantSnap and get the whole detail from the Plant Database.
  • Global database 
  • Instant results
  • Covers all of the plants worldwide.
  • Learning algorithm
  • Update automatically with the new snap and it will add a new batch of species.
  • Can view your collection on the web
  • It helps you to build a library of every tree, plant, or flower you click.
  • Connects user to nature and provide knowledge of the plants.

How to Download Plantsnap on my phone?

Plantsnap is available to download on your phone on both Android and iOS stores.

PlantSnap on googlestore

Cost of App – Paid or Free

The app is free of cost available on Android.

On iPhone, the Plantsnaps Pro version is paid one with no ads and more accurate information

FAQs about Plantsnap

Is PlantSnap free on iPhone?

No, PlantSnap currently costs $14.99 on the App Store.

Does PlantSnap identify weeds?

It covers identify all kinds of plants, flowers, succulents, trees, mushrooms. So it also covers weeds. There might be some plants that are not present in their database. But Plantsnap is improving everyday.

Does PlantSnap work offline?

No, it doesn’t work offline. This is because there are millions of kinds of plants on earth, all of them are not covered so far. They update their database regularly and it’s not possible to store all the data on your phone. So Plantsnap sends the snap of your plant to its database to identify. This needs the internet.

Alternative Apps

Our Rating for PlantSnap

PlantSnap is a flawless recognize app, it’s a novel way to apply technology to connect and learn about mother nature. So, I will rate 5 out of 5 to this app.

Final Verdict

The novel thought of being able to identify plants by just taking a snap is amazing! The app is not for nature lovers but also for educators, gardeners, botanists, and landscape designers around the world. This game-changer app is the future.  For the people who are more inclined to virtual world PlantSnap reintroduce them to real and beautiful nature.

Please feel free to tell your views in the comments. See you soon in the new post.
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PlantSnap – Best App to Know about any plant in the world

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