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New Releases in Made By Google 2019

The Made By Google event is now over, and the company unveils the new Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 4 XL, Google Buds, Pixelbook Go, Nest Mini, and Google Nest Wi-Fi.

The above Google products were unveiled at Google’s showcase in New York City. Our blog brings you hands-on first impressions of Google’s new devices.

Complete Video Coverage

Here is the complete official video coverage of the event.

Made by Google 19

The most awaited Google Pixel 4

Google’s Pixel 4 is the first smartphone with a radar sensor. It uses hybrid digital and optical zoom with both its lenses and comes with the fastest face unlock thanks Motion Sense. The Motion Sense also entertains gesture control for seamless human-level interaction.

Pixel 4 Intro – A Phone Made the Google Way

As privacy is built-in for this phone from the start, the data is never shared with other Google devices unless you want it to. The Google Assistant is present, making multitasking a breeze even between functions and apps. Manage your data with just your voice. To enhance security Titan M is built-in on Google Pixel 4.

A whole new recorder can transcribe meetings, speeches, and whatever you can think of. You can do recording on the device, even when it’s on the Airplane mode.

Pixel 4 offers a smooth 90 Hz refresh for a great visual experience and still preserving battery life. The device comes with 3 months of Google One plus 100 GB of cloud storage and 1:1 pro sessions. 

The Pixel 4 camera raises the bar with Night Sight and HDR+. The camera rig includes 5 sections – telephoto, rear, wide, sensor, mic, and flash. This whole new form of photography includes live HDR+ to make images look more crisp and natural. Google is working to ensure that photos look realistic on Pixel 4. Pixel 4 also consists of dual exposure controls – shadows and brightness. 

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Google used machine-based white balancing to provide more accurate colors. You can target large objects plus long-distance portrait shots as the Portrait mode is improved with machine learning.

Night Sight has been improved, and the company showed off Pixel 4’s ability with astrophotography photography. With the Night Sight mode, you can achieve powerful captures without the limitations of current DSLRs on the market.

Google Pixel 4 comes in 3 colors – Pitch-Black, Clearly White and Oh-So-Orange” and 2 sizes. The price of Google Pixel 4 starts with $799 and shipping will start from October 24, 2019.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia, Google’s cloud gaming platform; the device that will let you game across TVs, phones, computers, and more, is coming on November 19. So, playing games on any smartphone, including the new Pixel phones will be as easy as ever.

A new Gaming Platform by Google – Stadia

Google Pixel Buds

The new Google Pixel Buds are fully and truly wireless, no longer connected with a wire, which means hands-free access to Google Assistant. These Google’s earbuds give you 5 hours of battery life on a single charge while the wireless charging case holds 24 hours of charge.

Google Pixel Buds, A video introduction

The hybrid design of the earbuds has a spatial vent right below the buds that allows in just enough ambient noise to keep you aware of your surroundings. Moreover, the Google Pixel Buds automatically adjust to the noise around you so you don’t have to raise or lower the volume as per your surroundings.

The Buds detect speech through your jawbone so that you can speak normally for accessing Google Assistant. You can delete a system data by asking through your Pixel Buds, via the Google Assistant. The Pixel Buds will be available in 2020 with a price of $179.

Google’s new laptop, Pixelbook Go

This Google’s new laptop has up to 12 hours of battery life, longer than the Pixelbook. This Pixelbook Go is also lighter, with a ridged bottom, that makes it easier to carry around.

Pixelbook Go

Pixelbook Go comes in black and features a gripping design. The Google Pixelbook Go is just 13mm thin and weighs only 2lbs. The device also comes with ultra-quiet Hush Keys and consists of secure and reliable Chrome OS. Google’s laptop is available for pre-order with a price of $649.

Google’s Nest Mini

With this whole-home audio solution, Google protects your home data with better security features. With Nest Mini, you can control content around the home with simple voice commands. Next in the series is Google Nest Mini that is available in 4 beautiful colors.

Introducing Google’s Nest Mini

This Google device comes with a simple wall mount that lets you attach it anywhere in the house. Google’s Nest Mini comes with 2X stronger bass and a more natural sound. With the third mic, it can hear you even in noisy environments. There’s an all-new $49 Nest Mini (out October 22) with faster computer learning.

New pricing for its whole-home pricing models has been introduced by Google. Whether you have 2 cameras or 20, you will pay the same price, the plan will be available from early 2020. The Nest Aware plan will cost $6 per month and the Plus plan will cost $12 per month.

Google’s Nest WiFi

The Nest WiFi comes with 2 products that consist of Nest WiFi Router and a Nest WiFi Point. Every Nest WiFi system requires 1 router and 1 point to ensure consistent coverage around the home. Nest WiFi comes in different colors to blend with your interior design.

This WiFi system is easily accessible from the Google Home app. The 2-pack starts at $269 whereas the 3-pack starts at $349 and it will be available from November 2019.

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Here is complete coverage of the event by CNET.

Google’s Pixel 4 event, as covered by CNET

The products clearly show that no matter the competition, Google will never stop astonishing us with new designs, intuitive controls, and powerful functionality. 

Out of the above-mentioned products new Made by Google hardware which one you like the most? Do share with us in the comments.

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New Releases in Made By Google 2019

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