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Google Pixel 4 Review: All great except one point

The buzz over the new Google Pixel 4 smartphone and the tons of amazing features it delivers is getting louder and louder. While it is almost expected that a device created by the biggest search engine in the world, would stir up a lot of discussions, the hype about this device may have nothing to do with the brand itself.

Rather, the amazing features that it offers. But, hey, it’s Google we are talking about; when is the last time they did something short of amazing?

Well, yours truly is concerned about your satisfaction and will do anything to protect you from low-quality and overhyped smartphones. Today we’ll be taking a closer look into Google’s new Pixel 4 smartphone, to see how it stands out compared to other comparable devices that are available in the market today.

If you are in the market for a new smartphone, here’s why you should consider Google’s new Pixel 4 smartphone. Here are the features.

The Top-notch Camera

From the first Google pixel smartphone to the newest and most advanced variant of the Pixel product line, the top-notch camera has been their main focus.

If you are looking for a smartphone that will promote your photography career, Google Pixel 4 goes extra miles in that area.

It is also worth mentioning that this is Google’s first attempt in dual rear camera technology. Google keeps its hardware simple while tweaking its software to its fullest capacity. Thus, the Pixel 4 smartphone delivers two high-resolution cameras. The main camera has a 12 MP capacity and an f/1.7, 77-degree field view. But the second camera is what you want to look out for.

Here, Google used a telephoto lens with 16 MP capacity offering f/2.4, 52-degree field view. Thus, delivering a top-level with enhanced portrait photography, low-light shots, and improved zoom. This means that you can take pictures from afar and zoom in on the image without losing the important details.

Here is the comparison with iPhone 11 Pro.

Night mode: iPhone 11 Pro vs. Pixel 4 camera comparison

The Impeccable Display 

The topnotch display is another thing you’ll come to love about this device. It offers a 5.7 OLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate. Even though it is smaller than most of the high-end devices that are available in the market today, it delivers a full HD+ resolution that makes it a top-level piece of tech.

Besides, it uses an OLED panel that delivers a brighter and colorful display; better than some of the world’s most renowned high-tech devices. This cutting edge OLED display is a step up from Google’s desaturated Pixel 2 display fiasco.

Best features of Pixel 4

Even though the XL variant of Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone, packs a higher resolution, but the size difference makes it difficult to tell them apart. Of course, Google’s Pixel 4 display is perfect for most onscreen activities, but when it comes to gaming and movie watching, it feels a little cramped. Notwithstanding the small display, it is a visually appealing piece of tech.

Performance and specs

No doubt, Pixel 4 is Google’s flagship smartphone and as you would expect, there are many firsts in the features of this device.

As it appears, Google has realized the need to improve RAM memory and has decided to do what other high-end smartphone producers are doing to satisfy the everyday user of their devices.

On this note, Google thumped up its RAM memory from the customary 4GB to a whopping 6 GB. With the QUALCOMM’s star snapdragon 855 chipsets, Pixel 4 users will experience greater performance than we have seen in the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 combined.

Here is how Pixel 4 stacks up with iPhone 11 Pro

Google Pixel 4 XL vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Speed Test, Battery, Speakers & Cameras!

This inclusion has put Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone in line with other high-end smartphones, even those packing 8GB and 12 GB RAM. It was fast, smooth, and reliable; it loads app fast, and the gaming experience is phenomenal. Kudos to Google for its success on this device.

Motion sense and gesture control

Motion Sense is another noteworthy feature offered by the new Pixel 4 smartphone. Although we have seen motion sensor technology in diverse devices like the LG G8, Google takes motion sensing to the next level on the Pixel 4 Smartphone.

Unlike the conventional motion sense smartphones that use a dedicated camera for recognizing movement patterns within a range, Google’s new Pixel 4 smartphone uses a radar chip to sense motion. This chip is embedded at the topmost part of the screen underneath the bezel. As a result, it can detect motion and gestures made far away from the screen.

Here is Motion sense and Face unlock in action

Pixel 4 Face Unlock and Motion sense in action

Apparently, Google’s 5 years’ effort in creating an advanced motion sensor for its smartphone, has yielded results, and we are seeing the first outing in Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL devices.

The motion sensor can identify 3 key motions; presence, reach, and gesture. If you are near the device, it’ll power on, and when you are moving away, it will turn off the display. This tech is pretty useful, but as we have come to discover in our exclusive experiment on the pixel 4 smartphone, the motion sensor can be frustrating as well. It needs more work.

Battery and charging 

Admittedly, Google’s new Pixel 4 battery is not the strongest we have seen in recent times. For a modern flagship phone, Google did not do justice in this area. This video tells you more.

Living with The Pixel 4 Battery – AAUK

If you are a smartphone enthusiast, who is always on the phone, browsing, watching movies, and playing games, the 2800mAh battery on the Pixel 4 will not last more than half a day. While pixel 4’s small screen may not require much for power, 2800mAh is still a small battery to include in a modern flagship smartphone.

This is even a step down from the 2,915 mAh battery life of their previous invention, Pixel 3. But then again, google recompenses with impressively fast charging, and the added option of wireless charging. This way, you can bring the phone from 0-50% in 38 minutes, using the proprietary USB-C charger.

Verdict – Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4
Google Pixel 4, Photograph: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

If you are looking for a smaller top-end phone with a phenomenal camera, high-resolution display, and fair storage, you can go for the pixel 4 device. But if you want a long-lasting battery, fingerprint scanner, or you already own a Pixel 3, this phone is not for you.

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Google Pixel 4 Review: All great except one point

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