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Google Nest Wifi Review

Google just made a major announcement about the release of the Google Nest WiFi. It has been three years since the release of the flagship Google Wi-Fi which a lot of people loved and appreciated.

Back in the day, the previous Google Wi-Fi came in with a lot of features that impressed a lot of users. It could cover your homes and everywhere around you with the best internet service. However, over the years, the features which this device offered were starting to feel outdated because of the rapid improvement in technology.

What Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Mini Wifi offers

Three years after, Google decided to impress us once again by given us the new and improved Google Nest WiFi which comes with a lot of great features that make our overall usage very easy. 

The New Google Nest Wi-Fi is still described as a Mesh router. It offers up to 25% more internet coverage around the home and office at twice its previous speed. This device comes with new companion extenders which are often referred to as Points and the base routers which replaces the interchangeable routers in the former device.

These companion extenders come with speakers and microphones which makes them also act as Google Homes. This is very interesting. In this piece, we will be going over 5 great features this device offers and why you should get one for your home in 2019.

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Let’s dive in.

Sleek Design

The Design on the new Google Nest Wi-Fi is one of the best in its class if you were to compare. Unlike the previous Google Wi-Fi devices (which was not as elegant as this), the new Google Nest WiFi comes with a very nice design which is sure to add a very aesthetic appeal to your home.

Google Nest Wifi comes with Sleek Design
Google Nest Wifi comes with Sleek Design

Google saw that a lot of individuals often do not go for a wireless router because of their ridiculous designs most times. This time, they have decided to change all that. The router is smooth and has a lot of holes at the bottom. These holes are acceptable giving the fact that it serves as speakers.

It’s also a smart speaker

The color of the router is white and the companion extenders often come in with three different colors, snow, sand and mist.

Easy Controls

Google Nest WiFi has also been made to be controlled by the Google Home app. This app will make it very easy for the Nest Wi-Fi owners to be able to share passwords and manage the whole administrative features.

As earlier stated, the device can also be used as a Google Home with the introduction of speakers and microphones to the Points. These speakers and microphones added to the points help the users ask for speed tests and control other devices. The new Nest WiFi gives you a totally good feeling when using the device and Google has also included an under lighting which helps to indicate that the Google Assistant is turned on.

Great Performance

No doubt, the new Google Nest WiFi performs way better than the previous device. This new device comes equipped with a quad-core ARM processor taking up to a hundred devices at once. This is described as one of the best processors in the market as of today.

Google also claims that the devices come in a high-performance Machine learning engine which simply means that the machine will be able to increase and improve its performance over time due to this capability. The performance on the Google Nest Wi-Fi was considered great overall when tested in the Made by Google Summit earlier in October 2019 and it was also considered the best buy. 

The Router hardware has also been upgraded too. This time, it supports the MU-MIMO Wi-Fi hardware which turns out to be twice as fast as the previous Google Wi-Fi setup. The new Nest Wi-Fi also has dual gigabit Ethernet ports, operates with the Wi-Fi 5 standard, and also supports Bluetooth Low Energy radios.


When you talk about price, you will see that the Google device is more expensive than that of its competition and previous model. The router device goes for $149 or £149. This device is connected directly with your gateway. The companion extenders, when purchases separately, can go for $129 or £129. 

When you purchase this device from Google, it comes with a two-pack or a three-pack. The two-pack features a router and a companion extender which is often referred to as Points and it goes for $269. The three-pack features a router and two points which goes for $349.

By comparison, you would see that the new Google Nest Wi-Fi is more expensive than the previous Google Wi-Fi due to its added functionalities and designs.

Beats the competition

Whenever you are referring to a great device, the new Google Nest Wi-Fi beats the competition to a very large extent. This is simply because of all these features outlined above.

The Google Nest has been rated as one of the best in its class when compared to the likes of products from Amazon. Google also announced that by the 4th of November 2019, this device will be available for purchase in several areas across the United States and other parts of the world.

Because of its great reviews, this is a device that a lot of people, especially homeowners and office owners would want to buy and use.

Final Verdict on Google Nest Wifi

Are you looking for a device that provides adequate internet coverage for your home and also gives you amazing features to properly manage and maintain your home? Then look no further.

The new and improved 2019 Google Nest Wi-Fi covers all your needs and more. Be the first set of people to have a grasp of all the amazing features this device has to offer. If you are not in support of the prices that Google offers, you can always go for the older Google Wi-Fi. But, if you are ready to get all the amazing features, then this device is for you. 

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Google Nest Wifi Review

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