Do you know how to easily share costs with friends? Splitwise

Do you know how to share costs with friends? Splitwise

Today I am going to talk about another interesting app which is good specially for a group of friends. Splitwise successfully solved the Issue of splitting group expenses. Use Splitwise to split bills. For settling the bills user need not use a calculator or obsessing over a settlement of expenses. This app is a free tool for roommates and friends to track shared expenditures. Splitwise keeps track of who paid what amount and for which items and post reminders at the month-end.

Splitwise successfully solved the Issue of splitting group expenses.

It is the best way to IOUs and shared bills. The App also makes sure that everyone in the group gets paid back.

Features of Splitwise

  • Track your group trips, apartment bills.
  • Easy to enter bills from iPhone, Android or website
  • Debts shared and Synced
  • Creation of permanent groups.
  • Simple repayment plans with friends
  • Integration with PayPal (on iPhone and the website)
  • Added group people can log in to the app and view their balances.
  • Anyone who added in the group can add new expenditure.
  • You will get notifications on each new update.
  • Notifications on bills due are also flashed.
  • Settle up with your mates.
  • Use this app to manage household bills with your apartment-mates.
  • To recall the lunch/ any treat spotted by your friend.
  • Helps you to track your spending Trend, Balance
  • Also, a user can set up email reminders for bills.
  • The speed of this app is fast.
  • The feature of  “group totals” displays the amount of money spent by your group on a monthly basis.

Cost of App – Paid or Free

The app is free of cost available in Google and Apple play store. The purchased version of the app “Splitwise Pro” has  the benefits of

  • 10GB cloud storage.
  • The user can save HD receipts.
  • Integration of OCR for scanning
  • The user can differentiate the receipts.
  • Backups facility
  • Bills can be converted into different currencies
  • You can categorize your expenses with “spending by category” tool
  • Give you the privilege to search the history of full expenses.

A user can renew the app monthly or yearly depending on the plan. A user can turn off auto-renew at any time from account settings. To avoid automatic renewal user has to turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the subscription ends, otherwise, the subscription amount will be deducted from your saved card details.

How long the app will stay

Best roommate app ever!

With this app, the splitting is easy without any conflict. Features and timely updates in the app as per the user requirement make this app top downloaded the app. As per the reviews are given by the users of the app and from personal experience with the app. I can bet this app will last longer in the future.

Problems  or Missing Features inside the app

No “user permissions” based on who added the expenditure and who is admin of the group. It should give the privilege to group members involved in the group can correct mistakes and fix problems. This can be avoided by using Applock on your phone.

Alternative Apps

How do I get this Splitwise?


Our Rating for the app

Seriously, it’s a perfect app for splitting any type of bill with anyone anywhere. So I give 4.5 out of 5. All in all, it is wise to have this app if you regularly go out with your friends. 


According to my, this app is great specially for people of the young age group. The age group that deals with digital money.  With the push notification and reminders features, it is a better way to recall the mate that they need to pay up without being rude.

Best way to recall the mate that they need to pay up without being rude

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Do you know how to share costs with friends? Splitwise

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