Free up space in Android - Files Go

Free up space in Android – Files Go

Everybody is fascinated by the AirDrop feature of the iPhone so do “Google”. So, Google comes with its app Files Go to give the power similar to the AirDrop app for its Android Users added with some features like cleaning suggestion, free up space, back up of files and many more.

This App can transfer the data with speeds up to 490 Mbps that is really fast. To transfer files you need not connect with the internet, so it doesn’t cost your mobile data. The sharing of files is secured with WPA2 encryption.

How Files Go works

The app is separated into two parts: Storage and Files. Tapping on the icon at the bottom you can easily switch back and forth between menus. Let’s talk about each section in detail.


Top of the section shows you the available space. By scrolling down you’ll see the cards offering you tips and tools to free up space. The app will find duplicate files, unused apps and will you recommend deleting app cache & large files.

Files Go will find duplicate files, unused apps and will you recommend deleting app cache & large files.

The more you use this app the smarter recommendations you got. Follow the recommendations and the google will award you with free space. You can also transfer files to your SD cards using this app.


In the Files menu, you can track all media on your device. You don’t have to search your entire phone for as your files are separated by filters like received files, documents, and all other media. Tapping on the category of your choice pulls up all the data under that filter. The app offers you to delete, share and uninstall specific content. You can also back up your files either on Google drive or any other storage media.

In the Files menu, you can get the option to send and receive files. To transfer files both devices must have files Go installed. With near-field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth, you can send apps, videos, photos, or documents. Tap on Send option will start the sending process but you‘ll have to wait until the recipient opens the app and hits on Receive. The sent file will be automatically saved on the receipt device. To end file transferring, simply tap the arrow on the top left-hand corner and select Disconnect.

By tapping on the triple-dot icon in the right-hand corner you can customize the settings. You can toggle on and off the reminders when your storage is full, get alerts for unused apps, and many other options.

Cost of App

You can grab the app from google play store or search through google. The app is available for free to use with ads. The prime version without ads is also available

Download Files Go from Google Play

Problems  or Missing Features

This app is a bit more complicated than Apple’s AirDrop, which doesn’t require you to download any extra apps or open anything on your phone to receive a file- but that is not as negative as its speed compares to AirDrop. Another problem is difficult to transfer video files and larger batches of images.

Our Rating

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5.

Final Verdict

I myself installed this app and I used the storage-cleaning feature more than the sharing feature.

Google’s apps are open to the device, but you have to download them. On the other hand, Apple builds features in, but they are worthless if you have any friends who don’t have an iPhone  The app is simple, secure, and litter-free.

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Free up space in Android – Files Go

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