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Free Android Apps that will Help You Learn Daily in 2020

“A learning curve is essential to growth.” If you want to grow, then probably this quote would inspire you to learn more. Android Smartphones can help you learn a lot of things these days. I will tell you about the best apps on Android which will help you to learn almost anything.

You can learn new languages, read or listen to amazing books, read facts, learn how to cook, learn about tech, read magazines and much more using your Android phones.

So let’s get straight to the list of best educational apps on Android.


Free to download. Contains Ads. Also offers in-app purchases.

Curiosity helps you explore fascinating articles and videos in tons of categories to help you get smarter each day.

Curiosity App on Android – Intro

You can save, bookmark and share the articles and infographics which you like. Curiosity provides you with new editors picks each morning.

This app notifies you as soon as an article goes viral.

wikiHow: how to do anything

This app is free to use.

WikiHow makes it easy for you to learn how to do anything. It has how-to guides on almost all the topics.

You can save the articles for offline viewing, share them or view them for later reference in your favorites.

WikiHow allows you to search for any topic of your choice. You can also browse articles by categories like “Arts and Entertainment”, “Cars”, “Computers and Electronics” and many more.

You can also browse random articles. WikiHow also helps you to view videos in case you dont like just text.

Issuu – Read Magazines, Catalogs, Newspapers

Free but contains ads

Issuu helps you to explore and read millions of magazines in more than 30 languages. You can follow and curate helpful content from your favorite publications.

Issuu allows you to save the article, story or book in your favorites. This app also allows you to download your favorite books for offline viewing.


This app is free but contains ads.

Goodreads helps you find, share and get the best books on the globe. It is the best app to discuss and review books. You will also get personalized recommendations for the books of your taste.

You can also scan the book covers and read the reviews instantly for that book. Or save that book in your “Read Later” shelf. You can explore books on your favorite genre or explore curated lists by other authors. Great to get recommendations on what to read next.

If you are a book lover, then this is a must-have app for you. You can know about the best books from best authors around the world.



Wikipedia is the best free online encyclopedia app out there. It provides you explore feed which contains popular articles recommended based on your reading history and preference.

You can learn about any term on any topic, read about any famous personality (sportsmen, politician, scientist, philanthropist or any other), any historical event, any place across the globe.

Wikipedia also provides links to the related articles in every article which helps you to go as deep as you like on any topic. The amount of knowledge and variety of content covered makes it best in its category.


This app contains ads but it is free to download.

TED helps you to explore more than 3,000 free videos and learn from the world’s most inspirational people on a vast variety of topics (from tech science to psychology).

In TED, you can discover more talks by topic or mood. You can also bookmark talks for watching later.

TED also provides inspirational podcasts, not just videos.

If you want to view some talks in offline mode (while traveling etc), then you can download videos to your phone through this app.


Free app but contains ads

Quora is a Q&A platform where people from all over the world ask questions and share knowledge on every topic you can imagine.

If you want to ask any question, then you can first search from already available questions. If you didn’t find any existing question then you can also post your own question. The app also provides a personalized feed of Questions and Answers based on your interests.

If you are an expert then you can also help others by answering their questions.

It’s not only for the exchange for knowledge but also helps you share your experiences and learn from the experience of others.

Knappily – The Knowledge App


Knappily helps you to understand the current issues in interesting ways, by presenting analysis in the 5W1H framework

The app provides each analysis of each story in a format called Knapp. Knapp is nothing but an editorial analysis in 5W1H (What, Why, When, Where, Who, How) format. So with these 6 swipes, you can have a good understanding of a particular issue.

It also provides features like search by topic, browse by topic, bookmark a story, share a story. You can also store your favorite topics offline. Knappily App provides night mode for easy reading in night

It features as one of the top news apps on Google Play.

edX – Online Courses by Harvard, MIT, Microsoft


edX is the combined effort of top universities of the world to provide the best online courses in the fastest growing fields.

The quality which is provided by edX for FREE makes it so special. You can learn according to your own schedule.

Any course in edX is not only a series of videos, but it also anticipates your participation by exercises and short quizzes inside the lessons.


You can try this app for free. You need to subscribe to get access to in-depth and content.

Brilliant is a guided problem-solving platform for Maths, Science and Computer Science enthusiasts.

Brilliant App Intro

Brilliant brings out the brilliant student from you and helps you to think critically and creatively to solve the problem.

You can learn a topic by solving problems or answering the questions. This app guides you based on your response. So it’s like your virtual teacher who doesn’t charge a penny and never makes a mistake.

You can choose the topic you want to learn. It also has fun problems to make learning easy.

Free Books – Read & Listen

This app is free to download, contains ads. It also offers In-App purchases.

You can read and listen to thousands of best books in history for free using the Free Books App.

Free Books App

It provides the collection of best books in the public domain under various categories which include fairy tales, drama, stories, novels, fables, mystery, fantasy, westerns. You can also listen to these great books in audiobook format.


Free download with paid upgrades.

Blinkist provides insights from over 3000 non-fiction books in audio and text format. You can have the crux of the book in just 15 min.

If you don’t have time for reading. Blinkist fits reading into your busy lifestyle. It gives key takeaways from the world’s best non-fiction books in text and audio format.

Blinkist provides personalized recommendations and reading lists which are curated by experts which makes it even better.

Skillshare – Online Learning

Free download. Offers premium paid content.

You can learn almost every skill by courses offered by professionals around the world. You can also share your skill by creating your own class.

Currently, you can explore more than 28000 online classes. You can learn a wide variety of things like graphic design, drawing, hand lettering, watercolor, illustration, photography, calligraphy, icon design, pattern design, and more.

If you are a free member you cannot have access to paid and premium content. Once you signup for the paid subscription you can join as many classes you like and download as many videos as you like for offline viewing.

This can help you boost your career by learning a new skill. It can also be helpful for freelancers to expand their skills and boost their market value.

Trivia Crack

Free to download but contains ads. Also offers “In-App Purchases”.

Trivia Crack is an exciting multiplayer real-time trivia game which improves your knowledge in six different categories.

You’ll be challenged by thousands of exciting questions. Even you can frame your own questions.

It has questions in categories like Science, History, Entertainment, Art, Sports, and Geography.

You can challenge your friends, relatives and other random opponents, have fun and learn new facts.


Free and offers “In App Purchases” for paid content

Elevate provides multiple games in 1 app to improve focus, memory, processing, math, precision, and comprehension.

Elevate Brain Training App

This app is different from other apps included in this category because it focuses on skills rather than facts. Its like daily work-out for your brain.

I hope this list helped you. If I have missed any app, then please let me know in the comments section. I am willing to keep this list updated.

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Free Android Apps that will Help You Learn Daily in 2020

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