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How to have recycle bin in Android? – Dumpster

With the download by 20 million users, Dumpster App is the no.1 recycle bin for android users. The app makes it quick and easy to recover deleted photos android and recover deleted videos. What if you by mistake deleted some important Video/Photo/App? Panic??? No need to worry – With Dumpster, you can easily recover your media files, apps and any files in a jiffy. Dumpster work the same as the Recycle Bin application of Windows on PC or Trash on Mac. It will give you the privilege to restore and recover your all deleted files on your smartphone. Flexible cloud storage and security features of Dumpster save your all files!

Deleted some important Video/Photo? Panic??? No need to worry with Dumpster App

How does the Dumpster app work?

The app restores and recovers all types of files, such as videos, images, songs, documents, and text messages. The app is simple to use, just touch the files that you want to restore and then confirm it. With these two simple touches on the screen, you are able to get the files back on your smartphone.

Once the user installed the app, the app itself starts taking backup and saves all of the newly deleted data, allowing the user to easily recover images and videos, songs, the app in an instant with two easy touches on the screen. Dumpster’s premium app lock capability lets the user keep private information private. Anyone has to get past 4 digit lock screen access code to view any of your Dumpster data.

With this app, you can free up with valuable storage space on your mobile phone. Cloud backup the premium feature of the Dumpster, enable the user to save all deleted items on Dumpster cloud. The payment for this app is based on cloud storage usage and requirement.

Features of Dumpster App

  • Restore images and videos
  • Take the backup of your all types of files
  • In a Jiffy restore deleted apps
  • Safeguard your data
  • Auto Clean is available
  • Recovery of App is simple and instantaneous
  • Cloud storage
  • The app supports 14 languages
  • Personalized themes
  • App Lock facility
  • Effortless backup of files
  • Free of cost available on play store
  • No internet requirement

Cost of App

The App is free of cost available on the Google Play Store for Android users to enjoy the Recycle Bin application of Windows. But the premium version of the app adds up some extra features for the users like Cloud Storage, ads-free Experience, personalized themes, and app lock capability to safeguard the user information.


Dumpster is an awesome app. The only problem I feel is that it has a lot of Ads in the free version. This can be a little irritating sometimes. But overall it is an excellent app to recover deleted files on Android.

How do I get the Dumpster app?


Our Rating for the app

The Dumpster is quick, simple and easy to use. The app recover files that user deleted by mistake or that user just wants back. The interface of the app is intuitive and user-friendly. So, considering all this I will give this app 4.1 out of 5.

Final Verdict

As per the no of users who download the app, I can say this app is greatly welcomed by the users. Within a short span of time, this app has become the top choice of android users. Dumpster provides the recovery of all the deleted applications whether it is images, documents, videos, app or any other type of file. Whatever you want to undelete or restore Dumpster will restore it for you that too instantly on your smart device.

Please feel free to tell your views in the comments. See you soon with a new post.

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  1. Great app! I have been using this app myself, ever since I found it through Practical features, and very user-friendly. My only gripe is the amount of ads that they show for the free version. I suppose I should probably pay for the premium upgrade, but aside from the ads, I am fairly content with what I have right now.


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How to have recycle bin in Android? – Dumpster

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