Best Apps for Literature Students

Apps for Literature Students

Apps on your smartphone can help you do better in literature, so I did a little research and found that literature students would need apps to read and discover new books, some apps for providing audiobooks, apps to improve on your grammar. You may also need apps to lookup some tough words aka Dictionary apps.

Are Airpods Pro better than Airpods 2? How?

Airpods Pro vs Airpods 2

Airpods Pro got released on October 30. It could be argued that the original Apple AirPods popularized the truly wireless earbud format, they have become one of the most popular true wireless earbud models. Airpods Pro has impressive features like ANC (active noise cancellation), Transparency mode, wireless charging case, water, and sweat resistance and above all in-ear design with multiple tips.

40+ of the Best Wallpaper Apps on Android and iPhone

Best Wallpaper Apps for your iPhone and Android

Wallpapers give a unique look to the phone’s home screen. While accessing the phone the wallpaper is the first thing we lay our eyes on. Rather than searching images on the web and downloading them one by one, you can use applications that are tailored for this purpose. Wallpaper apps also determine the correct size … Read more 40+ of the Best Wallpaper Apps on Android and iPhone