Block unwanted calls with Truecaller

Block Unwanted Calls – Truecaller App

We often get lots of unknown calls every day. Some of those calls are irrelevant for us and especially when someone calls us at the time when we are busy at the office, home, with friends, at a party, etc. Truecaller is the app which allows us to block unwanted calls easily.

These calls not only irritate us but often change our mood. What if some unknown is calling us and we come to know that person name, profession or some minor details so we can decide to pick or avoid the call. Isn’t it useful?

Well, it is and it is possible with an app called Truecaller and some more cool features like spamming your caller, block particular numbers. I am sure if you have not used this app you must have heard the name of this app because it’s so popular especially among youth.


  1. Caller Details
  2. Know about Spam Callers and block them
  3. Identify spam calls and message in your phone
  4. Custom Dialer
  5. Share location , emoji and status in a flash with your friends.

How to get it?

Get it on Google Play

How Good is Truecaller?

Truecaller is very good app for all those people who want to avoid unwanted calls and want to know name of caller.Its used by more than 100 million so its reliable.

As compared to other applications. Even non techie person can also use this easily due to its easy to use UI.

Truecaller Dialer
Truecaller Dialer


TrueCaller is absolutely free for all but as we know company wants to generate revenue to sustain so they also launch paid version of the application in which they provide more features to customers so TrueCaller also has paid version of their application. You can upgrade to professional (paid) version at very nominal fees 30 rupees per month or 270 rupees per year. Features of paid Version are mentioned in the picture.

Is paid version worth it?

Truecaller Paid Features
Paid Features

Looking at the list above, I think that it is totally a waste of money. No puns intended.

Is it Unique?

When true caller was launched by the company it was only kind of app which provided this kind of features but now its not the only app which provides such features, so its not unique in content but no other app comes close to TrueCaller because of their accuracy, reliability and easy to use interface.

Let me tell one more important thing about Truecaller for which its unique it supports UPI(Unified Payment Interface) payment system , no other app exists who provides these all features in single app . We will talk about UPI feature in TrueCaller on some other day.

Problems / Missing Features

Well as far as I have used this application I did not find any problem in the application, I hope they would keep safe their database from hacking or leakage . There is no such missing feature in this application because it has everything for which it was made but there only one concern because it runs in the background all the time so it consumes your battery faster.

Alternative Apps

We know in the Google play we may find lots of apps for similar usecase or having similar features. You can find similar apps on Google Play like:

CallApp: Caller ID, Blocker & Phone Call Recorder

Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

Showcaller – Caller ID, Call Blocker & Tracker


I would rate this application 4.0 / 5 .

Why only 4 out of 5? It has got everything but result are not 100% correct , because of their own algorithm which definitely needs to be more accurate and it would take time to provide more accurate or 100% result. How do you rate it?

Final Verdict

TrueCaller is very useful and easy to use application which is usable to everybody from younger to older person who wants to avoid unwanted and spam callers.

Please feel free to tell your views in comments. Write me for suggestions, complaints and queries at . See you soon with new post.
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Block Unwanted Calls – Truecaller App

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