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Best Budget Apps for Students

I know student life is hard, it gets harder if you are out of budget. So I decided to find out the best budget apps for students.

Apps can help you out to manage your life including your budget. When you are a student, it means you are not doing any full-time job, so you dont have any great income. You are only on parent’s money, college grants or your study loan. So you need apps that can help you correctly analyze the cash you have to spend and control your expenditure.

Before I give you the list of apps, I think you should think before you spend on anything unimportant. So how do you know something is unimportant?

Check out the apps and let me know which ones you like. Feel free to suggest more apps.

Money Manager: Expense Tracker (Android / iPhone)

This is a very convenient app that lets you track your expenses within a few clicks. It also gives you a complete report of your expenses using intuitive and interactive graphs.

To Add expense in the app

1. Tap on the + button and choose expense from given 30 categories ranging from food, bills, transportation to telephone, education, and travel.

2. Enter the amount and description. Click done. That’s it.

You can also add smart reminders in the app for adding expenses regularly.

How to Add Expense in Money Manager App?

To Add Income in the App

1. Tap on the + button and Switch the mode from the top menu to Income

2. Choose the category from the list given. It can be your salary, grants, awards or discount coupons.

3. Enter the amount and description. Click done.

Monitor your budget

As soon as you start adding your entries, you’ll start to see the balance on the home page and also you can visualize your financial status using the charts.

How to Add your income and also track budget via pie charts.

You can also export your income/expense sheet in CSV or excel format.

Personally I loved the smart reminder feature for adding expenses because I used to forget my expenses a lot when I was a student 😀

Money Manager by Realbyte (Android / iPhone)

This is a little more complicated app as it brands itself as a personal management tool, not just for students. So obviously its user interface is a little more crowded then it should be.

It also has a credit card management feature but if you are a student then it is not recommended to own a credit card by many finance pundits.

The advantage of Money Manager over the first one is that you can add recurring expenses and income easily. But this app contains ads. You need to pay a few bucks to get it ad-free. But it’s not recommended as you are already on a limited budget.

Add Expense and Income in Money Manager
Add Expense and Income in Money Manager

You can analyze your expenses and income on daily charts, monthly view or yearly views. Just switch to the statistics tab on the bottom of the app navigation.

Check Old Transactions and Statistics in Money Manager
Check Old Transactions and Statistics in Money Manager

You can also operate this app from your laptop, PC or Mac. They call it the PC Manager inside this app. Switch to settings and you’ll see this option. To use this feature, you need your laptop/PC and your mobile to be connected over the same Wifi network. Attention: Please don’t use it in public networks.

Money Lover: Money Manager by Finsify(Android / iPhone)

This app lets you connect to different Wallets (including Paypal, UPI or your local banks) on your phone and manage the money spent. You can also connect services like Starbucks or Uber, so when you spent money on your next cab, this tool will automatically record your expenses. You can connect to your local bank accounts in over 17 countries.

Create your wallet and add monthly budget in Money Lover app
Create your wallet and add monthly budget in Money Lover app

You can set limits on each of the categories like food, transportation, entertainment or many others. So that when you get near to limits you get alerts. Just add budget (max expense limit in each category) and keep on adding your expenses normally.

You can also manage personal debts both (payable and receivable) from this app, so you know whom you lent 500 bucks in the last party. Again, you can set reminders within the app.

Budget Warnings and Reports in Money Lover App

Another cool feature in this Money Lover app is that you can simply scan your receipts from within the app and add them to expenses directly. But wait, this is a paid feature, might be heavy on your already tight budget.

Unlike other apps on the list, You need to register before starting to use this app. Fun fact: This app was totally developed by Millenials.

This app also allows you to monitor your credit balance. You can connect your credit card and you can get reminded when payments are due. Again, I would never recommend Students to go for a credit card in the first place. Spend in limits.

Goodbudget: Budget & Finance (Android / iPhone)

This app specially designed for managing budgets in a team (referred to as a household in the app). You can manage the budget along with your hostel room-mates using the Goodbudget app.

Like other apps in the list, you can register your expenses in different categories, add your income or grants, add your goals and then track where your money was spent.

This app has the concept of envelopes(categories where you spend money). You add money which is to be spent in each envelope (this acts as a limit of each category). Then you can add transactions from an individual envelope.

When you do transactions, it will be reflected in each of the devices of your household (team). So everybody knows whats the financial status.

Even you can refer this app to your whole family. Create a household within the app and share with all family members, to better track the expenses and income of the whole family in one place.

It’s a great simple tool to manage the budget in a team but I want to say that its UI needs to be a little better when compared against other apps out there.


When you are a student, you are mostly on a tight budget, you need apps like Money Manager to track your expenses and income/grants so that you know exactly where and how much you should spend so that you are not caught in the vicious cycle of debt. Apps like Money Lover can automate a lot of your money management and also give you reports. If you want to collectively track your expenses as a household/friends/team, then Goodbudget is a great tool.

I also spent 6 days to compile a list of more than 25 apps that will help students do better. Check them out.

If you are a literature student, you must check my recommendation of apps for you specially.

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I hope the apps which I mentioned will help you in your budget/money management needs. If you know any other great tools do let me know in the comments section. Thanks for your time.

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Best Budget Apps for Students

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