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25 Apps That Will Help Students Become Better in 2020

Technology continues to enhance day by day, there are so many apps that will make your study easy and fun. Today I am gonna discuss some best apps for students on smartphones.

These apps that can help you gain knowledge, stay updated with the latest news, increase your productivity, collect your notes, provide you with immense sources of knowledge online and can also help you save money.

Here is the list.

1. SlideShare

SlideShare Logo

LinkedIn SlideShare includes professional content i.e presentations, infographics, documents, and videos. This app allows students to view tons of awesome and helpful presentations from professionals around the world in almost all the niche. It helps you get the latest information and trends in your area of expertise.

You can also share your content in many formats like PowerPoint, Word, PDF, or OpenDocument format. Each file can be shared either privately or publicly. SlideShare app also provides viewing, sharing, and saving the content offline. With SlideShare student can view presentations at any time and anywhere. 

SlideShare has got more than 18 million uploads in over 40 categories. It means that it has huge source of information, that is why it is included in the list of best apps for students.

SlideShare on Google Play
SlideShare on Apple Store

2. Offtime

Offtime Logo

Offtime lets you focus on your study without being distracted by Calls, IMs and Social Media Notifications. It allows you to focus on what is important as a student, that is your study.

This app helps you to focus, to unplug to be creative, it has smart app blocking, communications filter. Offtime helps you block distractions, improve self-control and find out what’s important.

If your exams are nearing then this is probably the best app you need. Be focussed and score better this time. 🙂

Offtime on Google Play
Offtime on Apple App Store

3. Coursera

Coursera Logo

With Coursera you can learn from top instructors out there. Learn anywhere with Coursera. You as a student can access more than 2,000 courses. And it’s not just about the quantity but also about the quality as well. Coursera has got courses that are developed by 140+ of the best universities and colleges including Yale, Michigan, Stanford, and leading companies like Google and IBM. This makes this app as an integral part of this list for the best apps for the student.

Coursera has got courses that are developed by 140+ of the best universities and colleges

You can browse courses and watch lectures from the best instructors, advance your career in subjects and earn Certificates and Credentials. Who knows this is all you need for your next job. Given the amount of depth of knowledge covered in various courses and the number of topics covered, it is a must-have app for any student across the globe and across almost all of the industries.

Coursera on Google Play
Coursera on Apple App Store

4. Grammarly

Grammarly Logo

Grammarly is a very famous keyboard app on Android as well as iOS which helps you to type mistake-free and can be used very easily within all other apps. It provides sophisticated grammar checker, contextual spelling checker, advanced punctuation correction and vocabulary enhancements.

Special thing about Grammarly is that it is not only a tool to correct your grammar but it also you understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future, which is magnificent for a student.

Grammarly is also available as   Chrome Extension.

Grammarly on Google Play
Grammarly on Apple App Store

5. TED

TED Logo

Stay curious, informed and inspired by TED Talks.

Feed your curiosity with more than 3,000 TED Talks from remarkable people, by topic and mood with subtitles in over 100 languages. Students can supplement their learning by listening to educational talks on a wide variety of topics.

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You can download video or audio of talks for offline playback and also bookmark favorite talks for later use. Build a custom playlist, tailored to fit your ideal timeframe. Expand your world with inspiring, funny, or jaw-dropping TED Talks.

TED on Google Play
TED on Apple App Store

6. Brainly

Brainly Logo

Brainly is a question and answers platform by the students and for the students. If you are a student and you want to ask questions about your assignment, get answers with explanations or even find similar questions to know more, Brainly is the destination for you.

It gives you help with your homework on almost all the topics. You can simply post your question and you can get answers with excellent explanations from other students. It is the world’s largest learning community.

If you talk about trust, more then 80 million students trust and study with Brainly every month. Moreover, answer quality is ensured by the community experts.

You can ask questions, search for answers, prepare for exams, essays and research in the following subjects – Mathematics, History, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Studies, Advanced Placement AP, Geography, Health, Arts, Business, Computers and Technology, French, German, Spanish, and World Languages. Students are always looking for answers that is why it is in the list of best apps for students.

Brainly on Google Play
Brainly on Apple App Store

7. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha Logo

WolframAlpha is the source for instant expert knowledge and computation. WolframAlpha uses its vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports.

WolframAlpha is the source for instant expert knowledge and computation.

It can perform a variety of actions. It can give you instant stats on a topic like the Unemployment Rate in NYC, Chicago.  It can also give you the derivation of formula in Mathematics. e.g. you can search derivate of x^4 sin x.

Or simply it can make unit conversions. It’s just like a topper of your class. It has answers for each and every question you have in various domains.

Talking about domains, it covers the vast majority of them. Mainly it covers Mathematics, Statistics & Data Analysis, Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Engineering, Astronomy, Life Sciences, Earth Science, Dates and Times, Places & Geography, Music and more.

  The app helps to discover trends and implement ideas with the click of a button. With so many features, WolframAlpha is among the best educational apps out there.

Wolfram Alpha on Google Play
Wolfram Alpha on Apple App Store

8. WordHippo

WordHippo Logo

WordHippo is awesome tool to find synonyms, antonyms, definitions, rhyming words, sentence examples, translation into multiple languages, find more words, pronunciations for a given word. Amazing, isn’t it?

You can also find plural, singular, past tense, present tense, verb, adverb, adjective or noun forms of a given word. The astounding variety of features, no? All I can say is, if you want to become word ninja, WordHippo is all you need.

It is available for both Android and iPhone platforms. You can also use the website.

WordHippo on Google Play
Word Hippo on Apple App Store

9. Quizup – Biggest Trivia App

Quizup Logo

Quizup app makes students learn, grow and have fun by challenging players online on interests they are best at. Student can post about interests on the favorite topic, make own quiz and connect with millions of users who share the same interest worldwide. Quizup provides apps for Android as well as iPhone.

With this app, you can join millions of players in a brain teaser and trivia- QuizUp!

Quiz Up on Google Play
Quiz Up on App Store

10. Scribd

Scribd Logo

Scribd a digital library with more than one million titles.

With Scribd, you can stay informed, discover new passions, and feed your curiosity. This app makes it easy for you to access any number of books, audiobooks, magazines, documents, and many more. You can get very comprehensive reading material from Scribd. This can help you in research as well as help you prepare to speak on a particular topic.

Scribd allows you to access any number of books, audiobooks, magazines, and documents.

With Scribd, a student can explore the current topics, get recommendations on the chosen topics, or check out hand-picked collections of business tacos. A student can also access articles from Time Magazine, People Magazine, The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, ELLE, ESPN, The Associated Press, NPR, the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Create your own library with different notes, texts and share them with your friends.

Scribd on Google Play
Scribd on Apple App Store

11. Mathway

Mathway Logo

Dealing with a Math problem? Ask for Mathway.

Mathway is the world’s No 1 math problem solver. It’s a platform for millions of users and billions of problems solutions. From basic algebra to complex calculus this android app solves the most difficult math problems instantly. The student just needs to type problem or snap a pic and press the Enter button to receive instant free answers.

The best part is this app not only provides answers but also gives you detailed step-by-step solutions. Easy to use and efficient app appeals to anyone who needs help in solving mathematical problems.

The premium version is rather expensive, but for this extra cost, the user will get a step-by-step solution to the problem solved.

Mathway on Google Play
Mathway on Apple App Store

12. Timetable

Timetable Logo

This is the most beautiful app for managing your school and college life. You can save your timetable and other tasks related to the study. Once you input your timetable, this app will put your phone to mute during lectures, amazing, isn’t it?

You can also save your lessons which can be accessed from all your Android devices. This app can automatically give you notifications about your tasks and lectures.iOS App is not available for Apple Phone Users.

Timetable on Google Play

13. Dictionary – Merriam-Webster

Merriam Webster Dictionary Logo

Merriam-Webster is one of the best dictionary apps. Rating of 4.5 ( 457,100 Ratings) on Google Play and Rating of 4.6 ( 1.7K Votes) on Apple’s App Store tells it all about how good this app is.

It is regarded as America’s most useful and respected dictionary. It is awesome app for English language reference, education, and vocabulary building. It is also available for Apple Watch. It also has got word games that help you learn interactively.

Merriam Webster Dictionary on Google Play
Merriam Webster Dictionary on Apple App Store

14. PlantSnap

PlantSnap Logo

PlantSnap is special for Botany Students. Just click the snap of the plant you stumble and the app will give details about the plants.

This app instantly identify all kinds of plants, flowers, succulents, trees, mushrooms, more! It has both Android as well iPhone version. You can also read our full review about PlantSnap.

Plantsnap on Google Play
PlantSnap on Google App

15. Flipboard

Flipboard Logo

To have the insight of the world: Flipboard is an app that provides the students’ world’s stories to give a full perspective. With this app,  you can focus on the genres or topics of your interest. The app gives you the option to select the genres of choice so you can invest in yourself, stay informed, and feel like you’ve spent your time well. Concentrate on what matters to you.

The app is very helpful for journalism and mass media students to post their stories. Students with a tech background can benefit from excellent and top quality articles on Technology. It acts as a personalized news app,  read its full review.

Flipboard on Google Play
Flipboard New on Apple App Store

16. Vocabulary Logo

If you ever wanted to improve your vocabulary, is all you need. It has both an iPhone and Android App. You can play quiz, look up the meaning of a word, check the primary meaning of a word, usage of a word in a phrase and also many more useful features.

Play quiz, look up meaning of a word and check the primary meaning of a word using Vocabulary App

You can also create your list of words that you want to learn, this app will allow you to learn that list by presenting interactive multiple-choice questions about words only on that particular list. You can check other famous and useful lists on the platform, you can learn them. You can also paste your own text, and then create a list out of it. I must say it is the best tool to learn English vocabulary.

Vocabulary App on Google Play
Vocabulary App on Apple App Store

17. Duolingo

Duolingo Logo

Duolingo app is a must to have for those students who intended to learn the foreign language or any new language.

This app will help you to learn new words, ready you for tests and exams, and with various other tasks improve your knowledge. You can also learn more about Duolingo here.

Duolingo on Google Play
Duolingo on Apple App Store

18. Evernote

Evernote Logo

With Evernote, Stay organized and be productive. The app takes your notes, capture images, scan documents and even record voice reminders for you. The handwriting feature of this Android app lets you jot down your notes with your finger or stylus. This awesome app automatically edits, share and collaborate notes between phone, tablet, and computer. Evernote keeps everything streamlined and organized at one place. 

Evernote on Google Play
Evernote on Apple App Store

19. Alarmy – Sleep If you can

Alarmy Logo

Alarmy an alarm app makes you alert and raring to go. This Android app requires you to complete small tasks like taking a photo of something specific or shaking the phone up and down a number of times before the alarm turns itself off. The app also updates the latest weather.

Alarmy on Google Play
Evernote on Apple App Store

20. Speak Notes

Speak Notes Logo

Why write and waste paper? When you have a smartphone. Smartphone? For writing and keeping notes? Well, the Speak Notes will keep dictated notes for you, it will convert speech to text and also add Reminder to each note you make. This is a very minimalistic app, keeps it simple without any clutter. Try it once.

Speak Notes - Google Play

21. Trello

Trello Logo

You as a student might have used a lot of organizational tools but Trello stands out from all of them. This is simply because of its simplicity and features. It makes project collaboration a lot simpler and yet enjoyable by its user interface.

Trello has a great balance of simplicity and flexible features. You can manage your entire class projects or even your daily tasks. You can also use it later in your professional life.

You can organize yourself into different Trello Boards. Best part, it syncs every board across all your devices.

Trello on Google Play
Trello on Apple App Store

22. Logo

The usage of a dictionary in a student’s life doesn’t need any introduction. is one of the best online English dictionaries. covers 2,000,000+ English words, synonyms and antonyms.

It has got perfect apps for word enthusiasts and the ones who are looking for concise meanings of difficult words. makes it easy to get the meaning of every word. The application allows students to see what words people around them are looking for.

It is highly recommended for ACT study or SAT prep! on Google Play on Apple App Store

23. CamScanner

CamScanner Logo

CamScanner helps students to scan, store, sync and collaborate on notes across phones, tablets, and computers. It provides the OCR feature, which makes text extraction very easy from paper materials and students can directly edit through the phone.

The scanned document can be saved in JPG or PDF format and easily shareable with friends through social media, email. The app is the best in the market so far for document scanning and sharing.

24. AppLock

AppLock Logo

Smartphones are the most personal asset of a student these days. Phone keep all study material, notes, videos by professional and many things that students do not want to share with competitor friends.

The AppLock gives you the privilege to hide the app that you don’t want to share. Just select the app and set a PIN or Pattern for the lock. It is only available on Android. You can read more about it here. There is no iOS version of this app.

App Lock on Google Play

25. ShareIt

SHAREit Logo

The Transfer of notes, video lectures, tutorials, PDF and other study material is easy. Just ShareIt! The app is free of cost available in the google play store. Download it and you are ready to share your study material with your friends. I reviewed ShareIt, you can read it here.

SHAREit on Google Play
SHAREit on apple App Store

26. Splitwise

Splitwise Logo

With the help of Splitwise app, student can share payments with friends, collect money from other friends who owe it, pay your bills, and much more.

This app is great specially for students. The age group of students deals with digital money. With the push notification and reminders features, it is a better way to recall the mate that they need to pay up without being rude. You can also read our full review on Splitwise here.

Spltwise on Google Play
Splitwise on Apple App Store

27. Microsoft Office

The free Microsoft Office mobile apps include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. As a student you can store documents in the cloud, even if you created a file with a desktop version, the mobile view will adapt it to your screen.  Office 365 subscription is free for students.

Here are the main apps included in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Logo

It lets you create, edit, view, and share your files with others quickly and easily.

Microsoft Word on Google Play
Microsoft Word on Apple App Store

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel Logo

Excel spreadsheet app lets you create, view, edit, and share your files with others quickly and easily.

Microsoft Excel on Google Play
Microsoft Excel on Apple App Store

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Logo

The PowerPoint app gives you access to the familiar tool you already know. Quickly create, edit, view, present, or share presentations quickly and easily from anywhere.

Microsoft PowerPoint on Google Play
Microsoft Powerpoint on Apple App Store

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive Logo

Do more wherever you go with Microsoft OneDrive. Get to and share your documents, photos, and other files from your Android device, computer (PC or Mac), and any other devices you use.

Microsoft OneDrive on Google Play
Microsoft OneDrive on Apple App Store

28. Dropbox

Dropbox Logo

Dropbox is the best Storage app for students where you can store assignments or personal data online in an account. You can access them anytime, anywhere. With this android app, users can send large files even to people who don’t have a Dropbox account.

Dropbox provides features like the doc scanner, offline access, shared folders, and more. This is one of the best doc sharing platforms around.

Dropbox on Google Play
Dropbox on Apple App Store
Do you know better apps for students then these?
Do you know even better apps for students? Please, let me know in the comments section.

You can also check the best budget apps for students.

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