One Applock that you will love to have

These days smartphones are the most personal asset. With the intro of smartphones and its storage capacity, personal data are now stored in this device. As mobile phones are easy to use and portable, you have to take care phone’s security to avoid third-person access to information without you know.

AppLock app for Android allows users to lock applications and prevent anyone from opening them.

AppLock app for Android allows users to lock applications and prevent anyone from opening them.

The app will give you a privilege to hand your phone over to someone to make a call or look at a picture. But that person will not be able to dig into your data when you turn your back. You can make the regular applications readily available while others are locked down.

AppLock can lock your A to Z apps whether its Whatsapp, Gallery, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, SMS, incoming calls and any app you choose.

It helps the user to guard privacy and prevent unauthorized access by ensuring security. The app has a random keyboard and an invisible pattern lock. This makes you worry-free from people peeping the pin or pattern.

AppLock in Action
App Lock in Action

Features of AppLock

  • Protect your apps either in a PIN number form or a pattern lock
  • Hide pictures and hidden pictures will be in Photo Vault
  • Hide videos and these videos will be visible in the Video Vault.
  • Multiple user profiles creation and easy to change the locks.
  • AppLock cannot be killed by task killers
  • Protect private memories
  • Prevent apps from uninstallation
  • Get Private SNS
  • Secret Browsing is easy.
  • Easy to make kids not to mess up with Settings and send wrong messages and paying for games and another paid apps.
  • Disguise feature (Pro version only)
  • Lock app installer
  • A user can lock incoming and outgoing calls
  • Access to the phone can be restricted
  • Widget for lock and unlock
  • Well-designed Themes
  • Customized background and Customized Profiles settings
  • A user can set Time for Lock
  • A user can also Lock the location
  • Use Low memory and has Power saving mode
  • Lock apps with fingerprint, password, or pattern.
  • Force stopped cover
  • Take photos of invaders
  • “Device Administrator” is used for preventing intruders from uninstalling AppLock.
  • Allow Accessibility services to enable Power saving mode.

Cost of App – Paid or Free

The AppLock is free of cost available in the google play store while the Pro version is available with a charge and consists of some interesting features.

Download App Lock

Problems  or Missing Features inside the app

The PIN can be break by an intruder using Brute Force method. The user always required to remember or take a mental note of passwords to avoid being getting blocked by the app itself.

Our Rating for the app

AppLock is installed in over 50 countries by 100 Million users. The app supports 24 languages and consists of many protecting features. So, I will rate this app 4.1 out of 5

Final Verdict

The top issue for most of the mobile users’ is its security. You carry so much of your valuable and personal data in your smartphone, and when it’s lost, trouble often ensues. To end this suffering of user Android developers are always questing for novel and improved methods that can help the ever-growing mobile world with more security and protection.

With AppLock, the user can set a specific PIN also give you prevision to set an app-specific PIN that can be used to lock whatever the application’s user wishes to secure. AppLock means more security! The app is incredible and easy to use.

Thanks a lot for reading, your suggestions, complaints, and queries are always welcome.

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  2. I’m using another app for locking my phone right, but this sounds promising. Will probably try this out soon. If you are looking for similar apps to this one, you might want to check out They provide useful comparisons and comprehensive reviews for a huge number of apps.

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One Applock that you will love to have

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