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5 apps to track your time effectively in 2020

We all want to be productive. For all of us, time is more than money. Do you wonder where you spend your time all day? Here are some great options to track your time.

ATracker Time Tracker (Android / iPhone)

ATracker Time Tracker

Manage your time beautifully with ATracker- a sleek and user-friendly app that is rich in features. The bar or pie charts show where your time went. Its widget shows everything that you have done throughout the day.

You can create notes for each task entry for group tasks as well, and the app allows you to filter tasks by tags. Activity log feature lets you keep track of any given date activity, you can also add a missed activity along with the modifying feature of existing activity.

The reports feature of ATracker creates help you check what your colleagues or employees spend the most time on. The app has recently implemented network sync via Dropbox so that you have daily backups automatically.

Toggl Time Tracker (Android / iPhone)

Toggl Time tracker for work
Toggl Time tracker for work

Toggl, a timer-based time tracking system that is easy to use. This time tracking tool has a free service that gives you access to all its apps (Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, web, and browser extension) with all the core functionality you would expect in a time-tracking app. 

Just create a project, further create a task within the project and start the timer. Done working on a certain task? Click stop and switch the tasks.

You can also create an invoice for your client and send it without even leaving the app. Plus, you can share your project time report in CSV, Excel, or PDF with the client.

In the app, you can easily set up projects, assign responsibilities and create estimated timelines and budgets for each project.

aTimeLogger – Time Tracker (Android / iPhone)

Looking for a free app that could suit your personal time tracking needs, aTimeLogger is for you. It is highly customizable so you can tweak it to fit your preferences and lifestyle. Just with the spending a few minutes in a day, you will get daily, weekly and monthly statistics.

A perfect app to track the tasks, projects, sports exercise, sleeping and many more. The tracking options of aTimeLogger are split into themes such as sport, work, shopping and more.

Besides keeping an eye on your time management, the app helps you set your short- and long-term goals. You can use it to focus on the important tasks in your to-do lists and improve your productivity.

RescueTime (Android / iPhone / Mac / Windows / Web)

RescueTime time tracker app
RescueTime time tracker app

An automatic time-tracking app that not only tracks the time that you spend on particular URLs, apps, and programs but also lets you know how productive you have been for the whole day.

It automatically tracks your productivity based on pre-grouped categories.

The RescueTime will attempt to categorize your habits based on a set of rules. For example, it classifies Tik-Tok as “very distracting,” and Wikipedia as “very productive.” With features like goal setting and daily scheduling, it helps you manage your time. 

RescueTime becomes most useful when you train it to recognize your particular habits properly. If you’re a social media manager who spends a lot of time on Facebook, Instagram you can tell RescueTime to log Facebook, Instagram usage during work hours as a business activity.

RescueTime is designed for individual and team use, with a free plan that gives you feature like automatically tracking and website usage, setting goals, and receiving a weekly email report. You can upgrade to the pro version for richer reports, alerts, distraction blocking, and unlimited historical data.

Because it’s mostly automatic, it’s my personal favorite among other time trackers in the list.

Clockify Time Tracker (Android / iPhone / Web / Mac / Windows / Chrome / Firefox)

Clockify – Free Time Tracker App

Clockify comes to this list for 2 reasons. One is its simplicity and the other is that it’s totally free. You can use as many features you want for as many users you have in your team.

You can simply create a project and start tracking time on it. You can also add your clients so that you can track time-based on the client. So at the end of the week or month, you can find out exactly how much time you spent on which client and on which project and on which task. All that can be filtered based on your team members as well.

You can also track time when you are offline, and that would be automatically synced to all of your devices when you are back online.

The main disadvantage of Clockify is that it wouldn’t do anything automatically. e.g. It doesn’t track the programs you use and classify your time. It just creates a timesheet for the task which you select. If you want to manually do it, then Clockify is perfect for you.

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There are tons of other apps to help you track your time, but either they dont solve the purpose or they are too costly. If you feel, I have missed any great option, then please let me know in the comments section.

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5 apps to track your time effectively in 2020

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