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Speak Notes : Easiest way to Take Notes

In an earlier post, I talked about Google Keep – A Notes app from technology giant Google. Since it’s been developed and maintained by Google, It has got tonnes of features. It’s the app which tries to cover all the possible features in a typical notes app. At the same time, one might get overwhelmed very easily since it’s packed with a lot of features. So to overcome that, today I’m gonna talk about another notes app which is Simple, Light, Quick and yet effective. The app is called Speak Notes.

You can just speak and type notes with this app. And you know what? I am the developer of this app.

What can Speak Notes do?

As already told it is the simple, light, quick and effective note-making app. You can organize life and accomplish more with Speak Notes. This app comes with speech recognition ability. You can dictate notes and app will transcribe them for you. You can also add Reminder to each voice memos and audio text you enter. Speak Notes is simple, lightweight, and super easy to use but with many great features that will help you to be more productive. Rather than typing long sentences and memo, you can just relax and take notes by speaking out loud and let this app turn your speech to text. Speak and Type, So useful and easy.

Speak Notes Home Screen Snapshot
Speak Notes Home Screen


Although our app is very lightweight (it is only around 2MB in size), we have so many powerful features to make your life easier and more productive. Here is a list of features.

  • Speech To Text – Create audio text memos by speaking out loud. Our app will automatically convert speech to text.
  • AutoSave – It saves your notes periodically so you won’t lose it if you get interrupted when you are taking notes. This feature makes this app very reliable.
  • Add Reminder – You can use our app to organize life by adding reminders for each note. You can also postpone the reminder alarm.
  • Search Notes – App gives you ability to search notes so that you dont loose out your precious thoughts and notes.
  • Home Screen & Lock Screen Widgets –  App comes with smart widgets so that you can quickly access the app from home screen
  • Offline Access –  can be used anytime and anywhere, even when you aren’t connected to the internet.
  • Share –  you can share your thoughts, ideas, and notes via messengers or email, or save it to your Google Drive and other cloud storages.
  • Support Multiple Languages – The app supports Spanish, English, Hindi, Chinese, Russian and Arabic
Add Note Screen Speak Notes
Add Note Screen Speak Notes

Is it Unique?

It is unique in the sense, it has very minimalistic UI, it’s not crowded with features and it’s very intuitive to use, which means you will know exactly how to use it once you open our app. It also has a very elegant design with smooth screen transition.

How do I Get it?

It’s free of cost without any ads or anything, provided by the technology giant Google. You can get it on Google Play Store

Will it Stay?

I think this is an evergreen app. People would always make notes. It’s simplistic and easy to use, so I think more and more people will love to use it with a variety of features it provides.

Problems/ Missing Features?

Being such a good app, still, there are some problems.

  • You cannot store your notes on the cloud, there is no option to backup and save on other devices.
  • You cannot sort your notes,
  • No way to lock notes
  • There is hardly any flexibility for different users.

Rating (out of 5)

I will rate it 4 out of 5. How do you rate it? Please post your reviews in the comments section.

Final Verdict

If you are non-techie professional and you like to speak and type notes into yu, then this is an awesome app for you. If you need a more sophisticated app, then you can try Google Keep. It’s a great app for tech-savvy smartphone users (developed by Gooogle).

Please feel free to tell your views in comments. Write to me for suggestions, complaints, and queries at sehgal.mohit29@gmail.com . See you soon with a new post.

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Speak Notes : Easiest way to Take Notes

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