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SHAREit – Share any type of file over cross-platform

SHAREit is an app to transfer files from one Wi-Fi compatible device to another device. Users can use it to transfer files that include photos, other applications music, videos, contacts, and any other files managed by another app.

SHAREit is a free application for Android, and iOS devices to transfer files directly to one and another device. The app is currently available in 39 languages. In the field of transfer, SHAREit competes with Zapya, Xender. Apart from transferring the file this app also provides the CLONEit and CONTROL Services.


The app offers faster speed as compared to  Bluetooth and even NFC. This app is fully secure because of the type of connection it uses. Prior to SHAREit or similar apps like this, the best method for file transfer was Bluetooth and USB drives.

If we talk about Bluetooth, the speed was slow, and in the case of the USB drive, there are chances to get malicious data while transferring the files from one device to another.

To overcome the issue of Bluetooth and USB drives applications like SHAREit were developed dependent on Wi-Fi methods.

With this app, any iOS and an Android user can now share files like Videos, Photos, Apps and many other files with each other. Because this app platform does not matter as it communicates with other SHAREit enabled devices. The device creates a hotspot to connect to another device. This app creates a small network with up to five devices. You guys can share files over the web as well.

SHAREit-connection to PC or MAc

Features of SHAREit

  • A secure connection between devices
  • Fast Speed to transfer files
  • Any type of file can transfer from one device to another
  • Cross-platform sharing
  • Best Video and Music Player
  • Easy to transfer Files
  • No need for Wi-Fi and mobile data
  • Support sending files of any format
  • No more cables requirement

Cost of SHAREIt App – Paid or Free

This app is completely free and available for both Android and iOS users.

Problems  or Missing Features inside the application SHAREit

  • Too many Ads
  • The app will send unwanted notifications in the background
  • This app is bit buggy. At transferring files sometimes the app freeze then both devices had to restart SHAREit before the transfer of files takes place.
  • After the file transfer, the app disables connection and goes back to the original connection. So, the user has to go through the very first step to start the transfer again.
  • The application is kind of confusing for users.

How long the app will stay

It has huge potential but the instructions are not properly conveyed to the users, this makes it annoying to use.  The need to close the hotspot connection is genuine but overtime after the transfer is done to go back through starting steps is very another annoying.

The App promises on ease of use but it a lot of improvements required to reach that goal.

Alternative Apps

How do I get ShareIt?


Our Rating for the app

This app is an awesome tool to transfer files so, I rate this application 4 out of 5.

Final Verdict

There are many other options to transfer photos and files. But SHAREit is good for video transferring that too depends on the size of a file.

Please feel free to tell your views in comments. Write me for suggestions, complaints and queries at . See you soon with new post.

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SHAREit – Share any type of file over cross-platform

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