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Apps to Save and Organize Links

Are you fed up with your browser’s default bookmark manager? I was thinking to create a list of apps to help you save and organize various links on the web.

These kinds of apps can be helpful for

  • anyone who visits a lot of web pages on the web daily
  • students to save important tutorials and references online
  • research students to save research articles or journal links

Here’s what I have got. (Android / iPhone / Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Opera / Windows / Mac)

Save Link for Later using
Save Link for Later using

Raindrop is pretty good at managing bookmarks. The app is feature-enrich, attractive and easy to use. You can save everything you want to read later and also be able to keep them fully organized.

Raindrop also let’s tab your bookmarks so that you can access them easily. You can also invite your friends to collaborate with you and share your work. Easy synchronization of data to have a more streamlined experience.

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Another notable feature is the app support several languages like English, Armenian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French and more.

Evernote Clipper (Chrome / Firefox / Mac / Android)

Clip Web pages using Evernote Web clipper
Clip Web pages using Evernote Web clipper

Clip your useful online information to Evernote, and your clipped content is always available on your account so that you can read it whenever you want or need it.

A special clipper is available for the sites that you access most often to save the right information. Everything that you clipped is searchable in Evernote. So everything is stored in one place that makes the content search easy, convenient, organized and easy to find on need. As its a web-based extension so the search resources will be vast.

Instapaper (Android / iPhone / iPad)

Instapaper to save your articles offline
Instapaper to save your articles offline

Instapaper is a major player among content curation tools for the last 10 years. With Instapaper, you can create an ad-free Instapaper website with the content curated from the other websites.

You can read your Instapaper online/offline or on any of the mobile apps. Highlight and comment on content, adding your opinion to make curated content even more useful for your audience are the major features offered by Instapaper. 

The app improves the reading experience by making your content look like a newspaper, trimming articles to their most basic form. You can also select a professional typeface, or adjust the font size and background color to your liking. 

The cool speed reading tool helps you read faster. Listen content with Instapaper’s mobile apps text to voice tool.

Diigo (Android / iPhone / Chrome / Firefox)

Diigo - Your research browser
Diigo – Your research browser

Also called as Research Browser. You always don’t need the full page. Sometimes you just need a quote. Diigo is specially designed for those research projects. You can save web pages and PDFs to your library, highlighting anything you need to remember by adding notes for your own reference.

The app will put those in your Unread list and from there you can quickly browse through every highlighted phrase. The Outline mode of the app lets you drag-and-drop those quotes into an article outline, then add your own text and you will have your blog post without jumping back and forth between a dozen tabs.

You can easily save your web pages to your Diigo account and also sync your data across your smart devices.

Pocket (Android / iPhone / Chrome / Firefox)

Formerly known as  “Read It Later”, is a site where you can save your content with a browser bookmark button.  If you came across an article, video, or image that you want to view later, you can add it to Pocket with a single tap. Within the app, you can see all of your content in a list or grid view. Tapping on an article will open it up in a distraction-free view for reading. 

The app is an excellent way to curate resources for your personal use. You can also read your curated continue offline.

You can also add the content to your favorite by clicking on Star;  click on the share button to send the link to anyone else.

Though the Pocket collections aren’t public, Basic functionality is free, but upgrading to Pocket Premium will give you suggested tags, advanced search, and a backup of everything you save.

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There are few other apps also which allow you to save and organize links. But they are not worth trying because either they are too complicated or they don’t have enough features (your own browser bookmarks are better), or they are too buggy.

If you know any other app which is better in saving articles and organizing links in folders, then please comment below.

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Apps to Save and Organize Links

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