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LastPass- Never remember your passwords again

In the digital world, we signup for many online services, but we face two major challenges, one is remembering all the passwords and the other is creating strong passwords. Both the challenges are solved by LastPass.

Primary features of LastPass

LastPass helps you to generate strong passwords (so that they are secure and can’t be cracked easily), and it also saves the passwords in a secure manner so that you never forget them again.

The latest version of LastPass also allows you to add your other sensitive information Secure Note, Address, Payment card, bank Account, Drivers License, Passport, SSN, Insurance Policy, Health Insure, membership card, wifi password, email address, database or even software license, which can be accessed easily via LastPass later on.

Here is how it works.

How does LastPass app work?

First of all, you need to download LastPass App from the App Store or Google Play. Then you need to create your account as shown in the screenshot below.

Create Account on LastPass
Create Account on LastPass

Once you have created an account, next you need to create a master password. This is the only password you need to remember. This is used as an authentication mechanism, whenever you want to load the saved passwords.

Pro Tip: Please enable account recovery. Otherwise, you can be locked out if you forgot your master password.

If your mobile is enabled with Finger sensor or biometrics, you can also use biometrics as a key to unlock LastPass or use it as an authentication method to use saved passwords.

If you are on Android Device and you are using LastPass for the first time then you have to switch to LastPass as Autofill service.

If you don’t follow this step then you can’t use all the features of Lastpass on your Android device

Download LastPass

Lastpass is available on all major platforms including Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Mac, Windows, Linux. It has a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

My favorite feature for LastPass premium is “one to many share” which allows you to conveniently share secure data with multiple people. It also comes with 1GB encrypted cloud storage.

For teams, small businesses and professionals, the LastPass Premium is worth it. For others, I think the free plan is enough.

LastPass vs Google Autofill service

On Android devices, LastPass directly competes with Google’s default autofill service. I found that Google’s autofill service is much better than LastPass because Google not only saves and autofill passwords on websites as well as apps.

Another downside is that I can’t use LastPass on the Chrome browser. Also If I switch to LastPass Autofill, I can’t export my saved passwords on Google account to LastPass. This can really prevent many Android users to shift to LastPass.

How does LastPass Google Chrome Extension work?

You can install the Chrome extension for Lastpass with the following link.

Click on Add to Chrome and LastPass Chrome Extension will start to download. it is around 10 MB in size.

Once the download is complete, you need to sign in to your LastPass Account. If you don’t already have that, then you need to create a new one.

LastPass Chrome Extension - Log In
Getting started with LastPass Chrome Extension

If you already have an account, and you were using it on some other device, then you probably need to grant permission to the new device using your email.

Once you have logged in to LastPass Chrome Extension, it would look like this.

LastPass Chrome Extension - After Login
LastPass Chrome Extension – After Login

We will talk about all of these options one by one.

LastPass Chrome Extension - Open My Vault
LastPass Chrome Extension – Open My Vault

This first option will take you to the LastPass Dashboard where you can access all the options in the Chrome Extension as a full page. Screenshot below

LastPass Chrome Extension - Dashboard
LastPass Chrome Extension – Dashboard

All Items will list everything i.e. Passwords, Secure Notes, Addresses, Payment Cards, Bank Accounts or any other item which you have added or can add in your LastPass secure vault.

Adding a Secure Note in LastPass Extension

In case you want to add your secure notes in LastPass using Chrome Extension, follow these steps:

1. Open the LastPass Chrome Extension.

2. Select the “Add Item” option and select “Secure Note”.
The following window will open up.

Adding Secure Note in LastPass Browser Extension.

Generate Secure password using LastPass Extension

If you are creating a new password for any service, may it be social media, bank account online banking, or any other new online service, you need strong passwords. Here is how to generate one using LastPass:

1. Open the LastPass Chrome Extension.

2. Click Generate Secure Password.

Generate Secure Password - LastPass Chrome Extension
Generate Secure Password – LastPass Chrome Extension

3. The following window will show up.

Generate Password  in LastPass Chrome Extension
Generate Password in LastPass Chrome Extension

You can clearly see a very strong password generated, you can copy this and use it anywhere, or maybe save it later in LastPass vault itself.

Lastpass pricing

LastPass has a free version with all the basic functionalities for 1 user. You can use your free LastPass account on any of your devices. The free version can save and fill passwords, it can also generate passwords. You can also utilize multi-factor authentication for added functionality. So this is the best advantage of free LastPass.

Is LastPass premium worth?

The Premium version of LastPass for personal and professional usage starts from $3/per user per month. It has currently a cost of $4 per month per user for 6 family members. You can check more on the official pricing page of LastPass.


LastPass is an amazing utility with a lot of features in its free version. You can totally trust its security to store all of your sensitive information like passwords, keys, secure notes, credit cards, and retrieve them alter easily whenever you need it.

Please make sure you follow all the best practices to store your info into LastPass.

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LastPass- Never remember your passwords again

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