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Google Duo – A promising Video calling App

Google Duo is the most popular video calling app by Google for Android and iOS users. This app competes with WhatsApp and FaceTime.

The app was designed to provide the best visual quality ever over the slow network. It optimized the low-bandwidth and provide end to end encryption to the user. The app automatically switches from Wifi to cellular. 

Android users can now call people with android phones on Google Duo who don’t have the app installed on their devices.  The recipients with no Google Duo installed will then be prompted to install the app.  The recipients have the option to decline the call.

To start with this app one needs not to link the app with Google or any other account. Just enter your mobile number, the verification code will be sent to your mobile. Fill that code and you are ready to go. The screen comes up with two options Video and audio call. The app also has the provision to make audio-only calls.

Google Duo Getting Started
Getting Started with Google Duo
Google Duo verify number
Google Duo verify number

A  single button in its whole interface that displaying the images captured from your camera. This button allows the user to make calls to contacts and access previous past calls from a log.  The app is without stickers, filters, Just two people calling each other with live camera shots that it.

The app will automatically fetch your contacts with Google Duo app from your address book. “Knock Knock” feature displays the caller before the recipient. By this feature, one will be able to see who is calling.

Once you did with the calling the App asks for the feedback after each call and improves the quality.

I personally used this app and Google Duo asked me to rate the quality of my call, and I feel more than willing to oblige, cause it was one of the most comforting and up-lifting calls I’ve ever made. Even in moments of laziness, I love to give feedback

Google Duo feedback
Google Duo feedback

Features of Google Duo

  • Video calls with high definition
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Optimized for low-bandwidth
  • Provide the highest visual quality
  • Automatically switching between cellular and Wi-Fi
  • Simple and easy to use
  • one-to-one video calling app
  • Cross-Platform (video call with all your friends across IOS and Android)
  • Audio calls too included
  • Make National and international calls.

Cost of App – Paid or Free

The app is completely free on both play stores-  Android and iOS

How long the app will stay

Though the idea of the app is not novel, its simple interface, end to end encryption and optimization of low bandwidth feature vast the lifeline of the app.

Problems  or Missing Features inside the app

  • The app does not allow the user to minimize the video in order to do other things on the phone while still facing a video partner.
  • For Android users to receive the call from Google Duo without the app installed is a bit clunky.

Google Duo Alternatives

How do I Get Google Duo?

Google Duo-apple-store
Google Duo-on-googlestore

FAQs about Google Duo

Is Google Duo safe for private video calls?

Yes, Google duo is completely private and safe. It is encrypted end to end, so even Google wouldn’t know about what you are talking on call.

Can you use a duo without a phone number?

To get started with Google Duo, you need a phone number with SMS service to receive a verification code. You can still install the app but won’t be able to use it.
Once you verify your number, you are good to go.

Our Rating for the app

Google Duo is absolutely amazing! I would love to give this app 4.4 out of 5

Final Verdict

The video and voice call quality of this app is awesome. No wait on or muffled the sound. I would definitely be using this app for video calling more than my regular phone’s video call option.

Please feel free to tell your views in the comments. See you soon with a new post.
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Google Duo – A promising Video calling App

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