Flipboard – a Personalised News app

Flipboard a content curation app that gives you the world of stories to give you the full perspective.  With this app you can focus on the genres you are interested in, once you start with the app, the app gives you the option to select the genres of your choice so you can invest in yourself, stay informed, and feel like you’ve spent your time well. Concentrate on what matters to you.

The app allows the user to read content from social-media timeline, subscribe to any feed. The most important feature is it lets you create your own Magazine. You can share articles in a private forum and discuss them together or share with friends publicly.

The power of this app for business is its simplicity of following any person or follow a magazine created by them. Though the idea is not extraordinary, the way Flipboard integrated this with their app is appreciable.

How to work with the app

Download this app from the play store. The app will ask the topic you love reading.

It will create the board as per you choose topics. 

Next step is you can continue with any social media or e-mail. Now the app will ask you to create a magazine of your own.Magazines are the topics on which one wants to create content curation. One can create any number of magazines in the account.

Flipboard app gives you the option to Like, Less like, stories also Flip the story into magazine  or send the story in the flipboard. Not this but also user of app can share story with any social Media.



  • Stories of your choice
  • Stories from best publishers
  • Content curation app
  • Create your own Magazine
  • Gives you a platform to write your own article
  • Swipe up for next story and down for the previous one
  • Flipboard let you share app on social media
  • You can also flip the story into your magazine
  • You can like or less like the story

Cost of App – Paid or Free

Flipboard is free of cost available on Google play store and apple play store. Download Flipboard – it’s free!

Problems  or Missing Features inside the app

  • Time Consuming
  • Initially difficult to understand.
  • Ads

Alternative Apps

How do I Get Flipboard?




Rating for the app

Flipboard is an effective news app that provides all topics of one’s choice under one platform and also let you share the best ideas with others. So I will give 4.6 out of 5.

Final Verdict

Flipboard is a growing app for consumers and publishers. This app grew from being a mobile-specific platform to including a desktop version, and in my opinion, it will continue to grow. The app keeps up with the latest news with breaking news alerts.

Please feel free to tell your views in comments. Write me for suggestions, complaints and queries at sehgal.mohit29@gmail.com . See you soon with new post.
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Flipboard – a Personalised News app

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