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Flexclip – Quickly Create Amazing Videos for Free

In this post, I am going to talk about an amazing video editing tool called FlexClip. When it comes to editing and creating videos you have N number of tools flooding over the internet, some are free but missing essential features and some are paid with not the features that you are looking for.

So, it becomes really very difficult to select the one that serves your purpose. Here I come with FlexClip, a famous and powerful Videomaker & Video Editor available. This simple web app helps you to make a video with the photographs without taking much of your precious time. It has almost all the features with them you can create and make videos.

The USP of FlexClip web app is it is very easy and simple to use and it does not require a professional to create or make videos.

Features of Flexclip

The different embedded features make it functional to create various types of complex video clips. The basic version is free to use.

It helps me a lot to create videos, slideshows, voiceovers (yet to explore), adds music and photos for my blog post. I have been using this for a year and trust me I really don’t need to understand or learn anything to create or make videos using  FlexClip.

You nearly can do anything, create a blend of your own pics or video or resize the video online for various social handles or add sound effects to your video.  

This online service includes several tools such as a video editor, movie maker, slideshow designer and more. 

You can either use ready-made videos, pictures, convert them to videos or make a video from scratch. 

Flexclip Video creation templates

The web app offers you ready-made video to customise as per your need in 4 major segments-Bussiness, LifeStyle, SocialMedia, and Templates. 

The business template offers you customise videos in the fields: Real Estate Video, Explainer Video, Educational Video, Promo video, Cooperate Video, and Tutorial video. 

Lifestyle category offers Photography video, Birthday video, wedding video, baby video, Travel video, and music video. 

Social Media offers Youtube videos, Instagram Video, Facebook video, and Twitter Video. The aspect ratio in this category templates is according to what is expected on the corresponding platforms.

Templates offer you the customise or ready to use videos, slideshows, How-To & Tutorials and many other categories such as food, Sports, art n culture, Animal and Pet and many more.

For an impressive video for any occasion, you can rely on the FlexClip web app. It can be used to create videos such as business presentations, social network memes, product marketing, slideshow videos, birthday or wedding invitations, etc. 

With the offered customise hundreds of video project templates, you can make your professional videos within a few minutes for sure. You don’t need to install any software. Just visit the website www.flexclip.com. Create an account and can start creating your videos. You can choose to start your project from scratch but recommended for advanced users only. 

Working of Flexclip

1. Create Flexclip Account

Type  http://www.flexclip.com in your browser. Then register or log in to your account. My Projects panel will appear,  tap on Create New button to start a new project. You can also select from preset video templates or begin from scratch.

2. Add Media to Flexclip project

Click the + button at the end of the board list and you have 3 options.

You can add local media, add stock media or add a background.

  1. i) From “Add Stock Media” and you have 850,000+ photos and videos.
  2. ii) “Add Local Media” let you upload your own videos or photos.
  3. iii) “Add Background ” let you create a storyboard with a black background (default).

3. Manage Storyboard

At the bottom of the video frame of the storyboard, click the first button to “Add the Stock Media” as shown in the figure below.

Add Stock Media to Flexclip Project - Bottom Bar
Add Stock Media to Flexclip Project – Bottom Bar

 Stock Media can be either Video or Photo. You can search for the stock media. The media is smartly categorized so that you can find what you want as soon as possible.

Add Stock Media - Flexclip Project
Add Stock Media – Flexclip Project

From the immediate next button, you can add media from your own system, this button is called “Add Local Media“.

Add Local Media - Flexclip Project
Add Local Media – Flexclip Project

This option will open Finder in Mac, File Explorer in Windows PC and so on.

The last button in this panel is “Record

Record Voiceover - Flexclip Project
Record Voiceover – Flexclip Project

You can press and hold the button to record your voiceover. Once you are done, you can listen to it or delete it and re-record it.

Split Video

On the bottom right panel, You have the “Split Video” button.

Split Video button in Flexclip
Split Video button in Flexclip

4. Transition Effects

Once you have selected any photo/video segment in the project from the timeline. You can edit transitions.

Hit this button and you have a variety of options to choose from.

Choose from the effect: Cross Dissolve, Fade to White, Fade to Black, Cross Dissolve, Zoom In, Zoom out, etc. You can play with all the effects, but make sure it doesn’t disturb the flow of your video.

Once you have made your selection, hit the “Apply” button.

5. Trim Video

Flexclip also gives you an option to trim the video down.

1. Select the video which you want to trim from Storyboard.

2. Select the “Trim Video” option.

Trim video option in Flexclip
Trim video option in Flexclip

3. Make the selection and click on the Trim Video button. Check the image below.

Trim Video Screen in Flexclip
Trim Video Screen in Flexclip

Drag either one or both sliders on each end of the video track to decide the length. Then drag and move the icon on the top of the video track to select the start and endpoint of your video.

6. Add Text and Edit Text

Adding text in Flexclip

1. In the left panel, there is a text tab. Check the screenshot below.

Text Panel in Flexclip Project
Text Panel in Flexclip Project

2. Select the style of text which you want to add.

3. Double click on the text box to be able to enter your own words. Drag the corners to change its size quickly and you can move it to any place of your video.

4. To further customize your text, click on any text box and open the text editing panel on the top of the storyboard window.

Text Editing Panel on the top
Text Editing Panel on the top

Here you can change the text font, color, format, size, alignment, position, duration, or remove it quickly.

7. Add and Edit Music

Music Tab is also next to the text tab. check Screenshot below.

Music Tab on the Left - Flexclip
Music Tab on the Left – Flexclip

Press “Add Music” to upload your own music or search from audio files from the media library.

Search Stock Music from Flexclip Library
Search Stock Music from Flexclip Library

This also allows you to search the music based on categories, and also upload your own music file by “Browse My Files” option.

You can preview the selected music file, adjust the volume of music, and also trim the music file.

8. Real-Time Preview

The “Preview” button on the top of the screen lets you review your work.

9. Export Video

Click on the “Export Video” button on the top of the screen to export it.

Flexclip Free vs Plus

The online version of FlexClip Videomaker is completely free to use.

Has full support for various timeline features that helps you to add photos and videos one by one and create a photo or video album or make a slideshow

You can perform several types of actions on the photos, videos, and music such as trimmings videos and audios, watermark videos, rotating videos and images, adding voice-overs and many more.

Can export videos to different resolutions, 1080p is the highest and 480p will be the lowest. 

Different aspect ratios option to meet your overall needs and wants and they are mainly 9:16, 16:9 and 1:1.

Pros of Flexclip

1. An easy-to-use interface.

2. You can get ready to publish videos in minutes.

3. All the major video formats are available such as AVI, MP4, WMV, and MPEG4.

4. A live preview option is available that is useful to preview the applied video and text effects rapidly without going for manually previewing all the time.


The web app gives you all the tools to create a captivating video that stands out. You can also export all of these videos in HD resolution. You can even use it to make parts of videos for a larger video project.

FlexClip Video Maker is a website that allows you to play with your photos and videos to create something captivating and unique.

If you are an influencer or blogger, then you should go for the FlexClip. From my experience, I highly recommend this video maker to all the newbies and experts.

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Flexclip – Quickly Create Amazing Videos for Free

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