10 Free Facebook Video Downloader Apps For You

10 Free Facebook Video Downloader Apps For You

Are you the Facebook user? If yes! Then this article is for you cause I am going to share the best Facebook video downloader for downloading Facebook videos on your android device. But the question is here why we need this article?

It is really a tedious task to get the right Facebook Video Downloader for the Android platform, as one needs to analysis over so many features. As we all know Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and people love to download videos from this source. Statistics reveal that the number of Android users are larger as compared to iOS users.

If you are a video lover and enjoy watching downloading videos from Facebook for hours then this article will give you an idea about which software tool can help you in easy downloading. 

The below list is about the top-rated application of Facebook Video Downloaders for android users that provide easy download facility for Facebook videos, you can choose any of these for great results.

Here are the top Facebook Video Downloaders

1. Video Downloader for Facebook

The best Facebook photo/ video downloader app, The app is the easiest video downloader app for Facebook. You can download Facebook videos easily. The application allows you to browse your news feed, browse your friends and pages walls in order to select the video you want to download, to watch that video later.

How to Download Facebook Videos?

  • Tap Browse
  • Open Facebook. 
  • Login Facebook and browse your wall.  
  • Play the video that you want to download. 
  • Tap yes to download video


  • The app is easy to use.
  • Free
  • It safe and light weighted app thus doesn’t consume much of your memory. 


  • NOT affiliated by the official Facebook network.
  • no output format or quality choice
  • ads.

2. Quick Video Downloader For Facebook(without Ads, audio-only also available)

Quick Video Downloader for Facebook
Quick Video Downloader for Facebook

My personal favorite, I find it very convenient and user-friendly. As it saves me from the hassle to download the video downloader first after that proceed with the video downloading.

The website is such a relief. QVD is one of the best online tools to download Facebook video without Facebook downloader app. It’s really easy to download Facebook video from your browser. I advise you to bookmark this Facebook video downloader into your browser for instant access.

How to Download videos using Quick Video Downloader?

  • Tap on the FB video that you want to download
  • Copy the URL of that FB video and paste it in the textbook adjoining the button Download.
  • On the click of the download button, you have 3 options with you
  • Download the HD version, SD version or Audio Version.
  • Click the option that most suited you.
  • Tap Save As
  • It will start downloading

The unique feature of QVD is, its facilities to download the audio version. Isn’t it WoW! Just download the audio version and make your “TIK-TOK”. (P.S I am a TIK-TOK lover :P)


  • Need not to download the app
  • Easy to access
  • Versatile as it gives to download the audio version along with the HD and SD version.
  • User-Friendly
  • Easy to browse 
  • Very Fast downloading Speed


  • Not yet found

3. Video Downloader for Facebook Video Downloader

InShot Inc presents the best facebook video downloader app for Android. The app will help you to download videos from your Facebook news feed, pages, groups, friends, etc. You will be able to easily download high-quality videos just by simple steps and can check them in the history list. 

How to Download Videos:

  • Install and run the app
  • Sign in your Facebook
  • Tap the video that you want to download
  • Click the video
  • Download the video


  • Easy to use 
  • Download facebook videos fast 
  • Play them offline. 
  • light-weighted 
  • The app supports multi video downloading
  • A clear user interface and user-friendly


  • The app is NOT endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook’s official network.
  • Ads

4. Video Downloader for FB

The app by Hekaji Media helps you to download Facebook video’s fast and easy. It also allows you to share downloaded videos via other social sites. 

This app allows you to browse your Facebook account further browse news feed of yours and your friends, pages you liked, groups you joined and many more with it’s in the built browser. Select the video which you want to download and can save it to watch later on or you can also share it with your friends via different apps. 

How to Download Videos:

  • Click on Browse Facebook.
  • Login and browse your wall.
  • Play the video you want to download.
  • Click yes to download the video.


  • Easy to use.
  • Safe & light weighted 
  • Share it on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
  • Manage your video and play again every time and everywhere.


  • Sometimes download video is not as per the quality select
  • App hangs 
  • Common crashes.

5. HD Video Download for Facebook

A great video downloader for Facebook, created by Phela apps. You can download any video in HD format from Facebook. You can also send or share your downloaded videos through Whatsapp, Bluetooth, Instagram, etc directly from the app.

How to Download Videos using this app

  • Click on the Browse Facebook button
  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Go to the page on which downloaded video is placed
  • Click the download button places at the bottom right
  • OR
  • Download from the Facebook app Directly


  • Download the HD  and SD version
  • Robust, fast.
  • The app allows you to save the downloaded videos to the external SD card directly.
  • Simple, easy to use
  • User-friendly


  • Sometimes slow speed
  • Ads

6. FBDownload.io

It is the best Facebook video downloader app for iPhone. In this app, find the video which you want to download and save it to your device within a matter of minutes. 

How to Download Videos

  • Locate the video that you want to download and play it. 
  • Right-click the video and tap on “Show Video URL”
  • Copy the link
  • Paste the video link into the search field above and hit on the download button.
  • FBDownload. Io shows all the available download links
  • Right-click on the download button and save/download option.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple and download videos at blazingly high speeds
  • No need to install additional software.

7.  Video Downloader for Facebook and Instagram

An easy to use the app, you can easily download facebook videos fast and can play them offline. The app will help you to download and save video from your Facebook and Instagram.

How to Download Videos from Instagram and Facebook?

  • Tap the “Facebook” browser.
  • Log in your account. 
  • Click the video you want to download. 
  • Hit on the “download” to start the download (“Watch” to watch the video before loading).


  • This app is easy to use 
  • Light-weighted and thus do not fill much of phone space.
  • The app includes the tutorial to guide  and  facilitate the installation 
  • Safe and fast
  • Share downloaded videos with friends across multiple apps.


  • Some time download speed got worse.

8. Video Downloader for Facebook

The easiest video downloader app for Facebook and with this app, you are allowed to download Facebook videos without Login. The app uses a database to save your queries and search results that help in avoiding requesting and downloading a-same-video, thus save internet traffic and time. You can change the download direction, the default is internal storage, folder “FbVideoDownloader”

How to download videos:

  • Tap on Fb Video Downloader app.
  • In the Facebook app, click … the icon on the top right. 
  • Tap Copy Link.
  • The app automatically pastes your link, only click on the download icon required. 
  • Select the video quality 
  • Continue with your Feed or wait for the process to complete.


  • Multiple quality options, such as HD, SD
  • The app shows the size of the download video, easy to decide which the video you should download.
  • Download directory option. 
  • Built-in full-screen video player
  • Autoplay video when scrolling. 
  • Built-in share, invite functions,
  • Built-in dashboard
  • Awesome UI 
  • Lightweight


  • Video quality is not good.
  • The free version is full with paid aids

9. Advanced Download Manager

Due to its well-organized platform and its ability to download all file types to phone, the app received a higher rating from users. Designed with multi-threaded technology makes every download process quicker.

How to Download videos:

  • Browse the download file of Facebook using your web browser 
  • Copy the download link.
  • Once you copy the link to the clipboard, ADM will pop-up. 
  • Click on the “Start” button from the window to download the file or select the “ADD” button to download it at a later time.


  • This application allows users to download multiple files 
  • You can get your desired Facebook videos within a fraction of seconds. 


  • Some users reported its sudden freeze issue.

10. Download Manager

The app downloads all types of facebook video files quickly on your android tablet or phone. Download Manager is capable enough to detect links from the browser automatically so users need not to copy or paste them.

How to Download Videos

  • Browser the facebook
  • Copy the link of the downloaded video
  • Paste the link
  • The video will start downloading


  • The app generates task queues and applies priority to them.
  • The app ensures downloading of important videos first and priorities can be set or adjust by the user
  • Large files are downloaded in small chunks
  • Cons
  • Links for videos are required to be added manually
  • Buffer size is not appropriate.


Above are Top Facebook video downloader apps. These apps will help you to download videos from Facebook. I myself used the above apps on my phone and all are working well. So, it’s your time to tell me which Facebook video downloader is best working on your Android Phone.

My personal favorite is QVD.

Please share and also comment on your video downloading experience. And also don’t forget to share this list with your friends on social media.

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10 Free Facebook Video Downloader Apps For You

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