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Duolingo –  Learn new Language

Duolingo –  Learn new Language like a video game

There are various languages in this world and learning a new one, apart from mother tongue, is a tedious task. But the digital era made it possible. To learn a foreign language simply by spending a short amount of your life. Linguistic apps like Duolingo helps you to can learn your desired language anytime, anywhere with your smartphone.

Duolingo changes the way of learning. It helps you to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing skills while playing a game! You will enhance your vocabulary and grammar skills of different languages by answering questions. This app starts with basic verbs, phrases, and then sentences. This app made learning so easy by the innovative idea of teaching with images, and grammar points are explained with the help of speech bubbles.

Once you download the app, you will start by picking up the language you want to study. Currently, this app gives 23 options for English speakers.  Once you did with the skill, the app will reward you with a dopamine burst in the form of points. Then you start with another one.

How Duolingo works

I did a couple of French lessons, with the regular goal. I felt learning so awesome. Each course in Duolingo is made up of modules that are grouped to form skills. App tells the order in which user needs to complete the different modules. You can go to the next module only if you have completed the first module. The app lets you test your skill of individual module or group of modules. It also tells you about your weaker module and suggests you strengthen. 

Language learner had to accomplish each lesson without losing its hearts. Duolingo also consists of listening exercises where learner type what he/she wants to hear, and speaking exercises where learner speak what he/she wants to hear.

Cost of App – Paid or Free

The free ad-supported version of the Duolingo will remain available in the play store. But after 7 days trial; Duolingo Plus offers you plan on monthly, Half yearly and yearly basis.

Another key component of how Duolingo makes its money is through translation -by selling the translations that users do.

How long the app will stay

The idea of the app is novel-learning with fun. The app holds the secret of future education. So, in my opinion, the app will last long.

Problems  or Missing Features inside the app

  • No human interaction
  • At first difficult to understand
  • Control Over Vocabulary Topics required
  • The problem of unnatural Sentences
  • Breach its own model of learning in order to boost motivation.

Alternative Apps

How do I Get Duolingo?


Our Rating for the app

I think it’s the best free app for language learning. I have a small problem though,  but it’s much easier than picking up a book and very motivated. So, i rate this app 4.2 out of 5

Final Verdict

Duolingo is an excellent addition to a language learner’s toolbox. It’s fun and easy to use. Globalism is touching every person on the planet, Duolingo let you globalized with learning a new language with your smartphone.

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Duolingo –  Learn new Language

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