Apps to Discover content for research

Apps to Discover content for Research

In the digital era, there are a lot of tools to do research on any topic online. So I was wondering which of the apps and tools are best for content discovery for research purposes.

Here is the list.

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ResearchGate (Web / iPhone)

ResearchGate App for discover interesting research in your field
ResearchGate App

Keep up with the latest research and discover interesting research in your field. Stay up to date with the stats including reads, recommendations, and citations of your work. Respond to requests and messages and see in your notifications from friends or your peers.

Get relevant updates via push notifications directly to your mobile. Also, you can easily download papers and upload them to Drive or Dropbox with ResearchGate. The app is available for the iOS platform. Stay connected to us to get the notification about is Android version launch.

Google Scholar (Web)

Established in 2004, Google Scholar, a free to use the search tool, is a massive DB of Scholarly literature that allows users to get or access the information also cross-reference it with other sources and keep up with the new research. It helps you to create bibliographies and write research papers more easily.

Google Docs now integrates a “Research Feature” which helps you to connect to Google Scholar within your doc.

As it pulls information from many other resources and Databases, so, it requires a login (or even payment) to access the information completely. Though, you can still get access to paper abstracts, introduction and summaries of an article or study free, to provide you with an idea of what’s there within.

Refind (Android / iPhone)

Refind app to discover the most important latest content
Refind app to discover the most important latest content

Discover, save, and ultimately read more of what’s worth your attention with Refind. Refind is not about the news rather about relevance. Pick 10 most relevant links from around the web, follow your favorite topics, hashtags, sites, and people to customize your picks.

You can also create a collection to share and organize links about a topic that is of interest. The most amazing feature is the app automatically sorts links from your read later links and sends clever reminders to help you read more of what is relevant to you.

The app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Scribd (Web / Android / iPhone)

Scribd app to discover more content
Scribd app to discover more content

Scribd, the reading app that lets you access hundreds of thousands of e-books, audiobooks, sheet music, magazines, and more with a specified amount.

Subscribers can pay to get unlimited, sustainable access to thousands of trending books (audio, e-books) in every genre that can be read with or without internet access. The key features of audiobooks are: you can customise the narration speed, and the e-book reading offers you to add bookmarks, make notes and annotations along with customizing font size, type, background color.

Enjoy the reading using Scribd in both the Play Store and App Store.

Questia (Web / Android / iPhone)

Questia Research App
Questia Research App

The only full-featured app with academic research. Get the powerful search results from 10 million articles from 1000+ leading publishers around the world and librarian-curated collections of 89,000+ academic books.

Gesture-based highlighting and notation along with research and organizational tools. Write a better paper and take your research work to the next level with the valuable resources of Questia.

Researcher App ( Android / iPhone)

Researcher App - Academic Journals
Researcher App – Academic Journals

Discover what matters to you! Select from 15,000+ high-quality journals on 10 different subjects. The app will display you the trending and up to dated abstracts from the selected journals.

Also, you can create a personalized social media style news feed. Join the researcher community of 1+ million users across the world and stay up to date with the academic literature.

Researcher App is featured with filters, push notifications and bookmarks that simple for you to find the relevant research. Be up to date with Researchers on both iOS and Android platforms.

Wikipedia ( Web / Android / iPhone)

Drive down and explore the quick facts with Wikipedia’s official app available on both the Play Store and App Store. Access 40+ million articles in 300 languages from a free online encyclopedia which is backed with great online references.

Free, reliable and neutral information in your fingertips with no ads moreover read in your language and also use it offline. Get an accurate result and complete solutions to all your doubts on iOS and Android.

Flipboard ( Web / Android / iPhone)

Flipboard - Latest Stories on Topics you choose
Flipboard – Latest Stories on Topics you choose

Flipboard is like a personal magazine. You will be able to read articles and news stories and watch videos shared by your friends. Just pick your interests(Top 9) and get started with a flip through the app.

Very easy to add your favorite publications and blogs. Explore a variety of interest from news to photography, technology to travel, food to beauty. With Flipboard, you can connect with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Paperity (Web / Android / iPhone)

Paperity Reader App - Free research papers
Paperity Reader App – Free research papers

A Multidisciplinary aggregator of open access journals. Paperity gets access to thousands of journals from 100+ different areas under one central location.

You can seamlessly reach your target audience and find the subject matter effectively by maximizing the research impact. 100% open access and the way towards more efficient scholars communication in almost all research areas.


These apps can help you find new ideas, get started with your research project, stay connected and ask doubts from your peers, clear your basics about your research topic, get e-books/ audiobooks in your industry and much more.

There are many more apps, tools and websites around the web which can help you get started in research but I feel these 9 are absolutely top quality to get started with research in any area.

If you feel I have missed any great tool. Please feel free to list it in the comments section.

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Apps to Discover content for Research

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