Capture All Your Thoughts using Google Keep

Capture All Your Thoughts using Google Keep

Life is full of ideas, thoughts, inspirations, todos, and reminders, but we miss a lot of it, Do you? If yes, then read along, we are gonna discuss the way to do it using Google Keep. There are a lot of apps and websites around the web.

Some of the famous ones are ColorNote Notepad, Evernote, One Note, and Notes.  But there is ONE APP which outstands the competition is Google Keep. Let’s discuss various aspects of Google Keep in this post.

What Google Keep can do?

It’s a complete note-making app where you can capture notes in almost all the formats including text, voice recording, image, drawing, todo list among others. Moreover, if you are a bit forgetful, you can add reminders. Reminders not only for doing things on time but also based on location. Suppose wanted to grab your favorite book fro friend to send an email when you get home, this is a perfect option. Cool, isn’t it? Plus you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use this app, even your Grandma can use it.

Google Keep Todo List
Google Keep

How good is Google Keep in Note making?

It’s completely awesome app where you can create a simple text note, checklist, transcribe or store voice recording, add images to your notes. You can add color to each note in order to organize your notes based on color

Illustration using Google Keep notes
Illustrate point using Google Keep

You can also add drawings in your notes. This app also allows you to create an illustration on your images, that makes it super awesome to quickly save the ideas. You can choose different brush colors. Undo/ Redo option is also available. This app becomes even more powerful when you are allowed to share notes, illustrations, drawings, and ideas with others.

One of the brilliant and unique features of Google Keep is that it allows the user to pin important notes on top of the home screen. You can switch between list view and grid view, this can be a bit confusing at times.

Reminder options are very comprehensive. You can add a Time reminder or a Place reminder.  Time reminder has the option to add reminder tonight, tomorrow morning, today evening, or a specific date and time like an alarm clock. It has got various repeat options like daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. You can also add custom repeats which is a bit confusing for normal users, it’s rarely used. You can also filter reminders from all other notes.

Using Labels

You can organize your notes with labels or tags. Labels can be added to a note using # symbol, just like a hashtag on Twitter’s Tweet. Google Provides very nice side menu where you can select a tag and all the notes having that tag would show up.
Creating a new tag is also not a fuss, just keep writing your note and type # before the tag name. You can add multiple tags to a single note.

Sharing and Collaboration options

You can share the notes with other Google Keep users or type email to invite more users. The changes from another collaborator would sync via the internet when available.

Standard sharing options of the notes is also available where you can send notes on other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, or even Evernote.

Search and Filter

Google Keep Provides awesome way to search the content from your notes. It allows you to filter based on your note type ( reminder, list, image, voice, drawings, URLs), labels (tags), colors or people you have shared it with.

Things get interesting with the use of AI, you can tap food and it will filter all the notes with food items inside it. You can tap groceries and notes with grocery items would automatically be filtered. How cool is that?

Archived and Deleted Notes

If you have a lot of notes, you can archive a few of them which you rarely view or edit, but you still want them to be saved. This keeps your main notes section light and organized.
If you are done with a note, you can also delete it. Do you know what is the cool thing? Deleted notes would be kept in the Trash can for 7 days, and you can recover them. It will be totally removed from your app after that.

Google Keep FAQs

Are Google keep notes private?

Google is very particular about its customer data, so they keep “Google Keep Notes” data on its secure data centers and maintain industry standards in data security. So as far as security is concerned Google Keep is very good.

Does Google keep sync with Google Calendar?

Google Keep syncs your notes across all of your devices. Even if you add a new device later, you can get all of your old notes as well. Google Keep also works offline, it syncs the offline data as soon as your device gets an internet connection. So Reminders get synchronized on all of your devices using Google Calendar.

Does Google keep have a limit?

There is no limit on your Google Keep account. You can store as many notes as you like. Beware, if you upload a lot of images, photographs, recordings or videos in your note, they will be deducted from your Google Drive account. But for text notes, reminders, to-do lists, there is no limit.

Is Google Keep safe for passwords?

All of your Google Keep data is kept on your Google Account, your notes, your files are secure as long as you keep your Google Account Secure. If anyone gets the hold of your Google Account, your Google Keep notes can be accessed easily, even your Google Drive data, Gmail and all other Google Services. Better have a strong password and activate 2 step verification.

Is it Unique?

It is the only Notes app on the Play Store with such a wide variety of features. It is having a very clean UI. The best part is, it is totally FREE, no ads, no IAP, no subscription.

How do I Download Google Keep?

It’s free of cost without any ads or anything, provided by the technology giant Google on the following platforms.

Problems/ Missing Features?

Being such a good app, still, there are some problems.

  • Real-time Sync of notes across devices is not available
  • Sorting of Notes is not available
  • Unable to search text in long notes ( Search inside notes)
  • No way to lock notes
  • Too many features can overwhelm the user with simple needs

Rating (out of 5)

I will rate it 4 out of 5. How do you rate it?

Final Verdict

If you are little tech-savvy and you need a notes app, studded with features, then this is an awesome app for you. If you need some a simple solution, then you can try Speak Notes. It’s a nice little app for novice smartphone users.

Please feel free to tell your views in comments.

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Capture All Your Thoughts using Google Keep

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