Automatically Record Important Calls

Automatic Call Recorder – Record Important Calls

Many times we need to record some important phone calls. With the advent of smartphones, it’s really easy on Android. You can do it with an App called “Automatic Call Recorder”.

It’s developed by Appliqato. As the name suggests, it records your calls automatically. You can save the calls, add notes to the calls, share the recordings or delete them later. This call recorder app is very useful for professionals.



When you install this app you need to give permission to the app for recording calls and the app takes care of the rest automatically. The recorded calls go to Inbox section by default as shown in the screenshot.

Inbox size is limited. Default inbox size is 100, it means that inbox can store at most 100 calls at a time, older calls will automatically get deleted. You can change inbox size from app settings.

For each call, details like contact info, time of call, call duration, call type (incoming/outgoing) is displayed.

Call Recorder Inbox

Saved Calls

As already told, old calls get deleted automatically, you can save your important recordings or you can also add notes/title to a particular call recording. These calls get saved permanently in Saved Calls section. This is easily accessible from the home screen.

Saved Call Recordings
Saved Call Recordings

Call Details

For each recorded call in Inbox or Saved section, you can play the recording, edit call notes, save it ( if not saved already), delete it, share it on other apps like WhatsApp, Messenger or alike, call, or check Contact History for that contact.

Contact History Lists all the calls from that particular number ( incoming or outgoing)

Recorded Call Details
Recorded Call Details


You can search both inbox and saved sections to find out calls using Contact Name or Call Notes. This is really helpful. Imagine you had an important call regarding Specs of a software project, you can search using project name and listen to the recording, make notes, really helpful. Isn’t it?

Contact Recording History
Contact Recording History

Call Recorder FAQs

Can you record a phone call without the other person knowing?

Yes, you can just turn on Automatic Call Recorder app and it will record all calls without notifying the other person. But it may show notification on your phone, so the person who is near to you can know that you are recording phone calls.

How do I record an incoming call?

Yes, this app can record both incoming and outgoing calls.

Where are recorded calls stored on the phone?

The call recordings will be stored on your phone memory. You can also backup your recordings to Google Keep.

How Good is this Call Recorder?

It records all the calls automatically, you can save important calls and you can add notes. You only need to give minimal manual input, so this app does its job very well. It’s quite easy to use. Even my grannie can use it. Super simple.

Is it Unique?

Frankly, there are tonnes of similar apps out there on the Play Store, but this app is helpful because it’s very simple and effective. That’s why it’s so good.

How do I Get it?

You can get the app for free from Google Play here. This version has some limits like limited inbox size(300), unable to save calls from particular contact automatically, limited sharing capability.

You can get the Pro version from Google Play here. The price depends on your country.

PS: We noted that recording is not clear for incoming calls on some handsets, so please try the Free version before buying Pro version

Problems/Missing Features?

Suppose I have 120 calls saved, if I want to check the oldest call, I need to scroll all the way down to 120th position, There is no way to sort the calls in reverse order.

We tested the app on 5 different devices, Recording voice of the caller in case of incoming calls is not so clear on some of the devices. So this was a little disappointing point.

UI is little old fashioned.

Alternative Apps

If you want to try other similar apps, Check this, this, this or this. All of these do very well. But one we are talking about in this post is outstanding.

Rating (out of 5)

This app does quite well, but due to a few problems, I rate it 4.0 / 5.

Final Verdict

If you want one cool app to record calls automatically and manage them effortlessly for you, then this Automatic Call Recorder is best for you. It’s helpful for storing and listening important phone calls later.

Please feel free to tell your views in comments.

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Automatic Call Recorder – Record Important Calls

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