Top Productivity Apps on Android

Best Productivity Apps on Android in 2019

One of the main advantages of the smartphone is to make you more productive. If your smartphone is not helping you to be productive than you are probably not using it to its capability. Smartphones help us to be more productive by providing an opportunity to install wonderful apps that can help you increase your productivity. So I decided to curate a list of best productivity apps on Android.

Google Play provides some wonderful productivity apps. Some of them are developed by individual developers, others are provided by app development firms. Some of the apps are free and others cost some amount.

Here is the list of great productivity apps on Android.

Daywise: Schedule notifications. Be calm & focused


Daywise App lets you automatically postpone unimportant notifications on your Android phone so that you can stay more productive without any interruptions.

You can choose your schedule and this app will deliver notifications on that schedule. These notifications are called as batched notifications. Don’t worry you can still access all of your notifications in the inbox section of this app.

This app allows you to add your VIPs. VIPs are the contacts on your phone, who are very important to you. Notifications from your VIPs will not be delayed by this app. So you can choose who can interrupt you.

Daywise also provides very helpful insights into the usage statistics of your phone.

The way this app performs its task automatically without your intervention is pretty exciting. Also, the UI of Daywise app is very impressive.

Otter Voice Notes ( for English

Free for transcribing first 600 minutes. After that paid subscription starting from USD $9.99 monthly.

Otter Voice Notes is an Artificial Intelligence driven app, which lets you transcribe your conversations and meetings. You can search/share the notes of the whole conversation immediately after the conversation without typing.

Otter Intro

It transcribes your conversations in real-time, and as soon as the conversation ends, it will generate a summary of important keywords.

It automatically creates searchable and shareable notes of the conversation and also adds Speaker ID of the speaker of the conversation. These notes can be shared quickly with your other team members using groups.

Now you can also create teams and folders in the latest release of Otter.


Free for basic usage. Premium plan starts from $7.99/month.

Evernote is a first choice note taking app which helps you to be paper free. You can access your electronic notebook from all of your devices with real-time sync.

Web Clipper from Evernote helps you to grab web pages, pdfs and articles from the web. This content is saved forever in your Evernote account, even if the original data disappears from the web.

Evernote can read your handwriting from the images. Suppose you saved an image on Evernote which was a clicked photo of your handwritten note. Evernote can understand it, and you can search its contents, just like you would for your typed-note. Amazing.!!

You can keep multiple notebooks for multiple projects or subjects. This way you can arrange your notes in a much logical manner.

This amazing app also lets you scan the paper documents and turn them into digital documents in image format. So now start keeping your documents in digital format alongside your notes. The search feature in-app will also let you search deeper into these scanned documents.

Evernote is one notes app that has all the features which you can imagine in a notes app.

It helps you to capture ideas, manage professional projects, personal goals, track your deadlines and tasks.

TickTick: To Do List with Reminder, Day Planner

Free for basic usage. Premium plan starts from 2.4$/month.

TickTick is a very versatile to-do app. It also comes with reminders based on time or place. This app also lets you collaborate on to-do lists as a team.

TickTick has a very intuitive interface that lets you plan almost anything by helping you to make your schedule, get reminded about deadlines or organize work.

You can break your tasks into different folders using tags or creating different lists. It also provides you with your completion stats which help you to analyze your weekly performance.

It helps you to view your schedule in the calendar in 5 different formats, so you can customize the app, the way you want.

It has the capability to sync your tasks and collaborate on a project to-dos as a team.

TickTick is feature-packed productivity app that lets you do a lot like Evernote but at a much lesser price.

Dashlane Password manager

Free but premium features starts from $3.33/month.

Dashlane Password manager lets you secure your digital identity by letting you generate strong passwords for any online service, and storing all your passwords and important information securely.

I am sure you might be using tons of online services these days. Also, I am sure that you might be reading news about various security breaches due to weak passwords. This is where the Dashlane Password Manager comes into the picture.

It helps you to store your sensitive information like personal info, ID, password, payment info and important notes in a highly secure manner. They have patented security architecture which uses the AES-256 algorithm to store the info.

It helps you by suggesting strong passwords using its Dashlane Password Generator.

You can quickly auto-fill various forms on your browser and payment info without ever worrying about the security of your info.

In the latest version, the dashboard can scan your inbox automatically, find out the accounts which you have created using that email and help you to store that info in Dashlane automatically which is quite amazing.

Scanbot – PDF Document Scanner

Free for basic plan, paid plans start from $4.99.

Scanbot lets you capture the documents and turn them into PDF. It also provides tools for editing the captured documents and storing them into cloud with any problem. Scanbot also enables you to search any of the captured documents using OCR technology.

In addition to scanning the documents, it automatically crops the image so that only important part is captured. The colors are automatically optimized, so that the resulting digital document is legible and clear.

It can also act as a barcode scanner or QR code scanner.

You can configure any cloud service with Scanbot so that scanned documents are automatically backed to these services.

Scanbot provides various tools to help you edit the resulting scans, by adding notes, annotating alongwith drawing or highlighting some text.

Since it uses OCR, so it supports full-text search for the scanned documents.

Forest: Stay focused

Free, contains ads, Paid plan starts from $1.99 flat.

Forest App allows you to curtail your phone habits and focus more on your outside world. It helps you avoid procrastination and hence making you more productive.

The concept of this app is very simple, whenever you have decided to focus, you can start the app, plant a sapling in the app. As time passes by, the plant will grow into a tree. So your target is to maximize the trees. If you leave or close this app, that tree will die. Hence, its a gamification of the exercise.

You can also whitelist the apps which you want to use while you are in focus mode. So you can use apps like notes, work-email or dictionary when you are planting the trees of productivity 🙂

It helps you to fight your phone addiction, by allowing you to stay away from the phone.


Free with limited features. Paid plan starts from $4.99/month

Pushbullet helps you to manage your phone notifications from your computer, PC or Laptop. You can share files, photos, links, messages from your one device to another.

If you are working on your laptop or PC, then you may need to check your phone multiple times for many reasons. That is a bit of a distraction. PushBullet helps you to see and manage all of your Android notifications into your PC/Laptop/Mac using the browser extension.

You can send and receive files from your phone to your system. You can also respond to important SMS or WhatsApp right from your PC. Believe me, it saves a lot of time.

Basic Features are Free. Paid Plan costs 28$/year.

Raindrop helps you to clip articles, save bookmarks, photos, videos and pages from the web and your apps. You can organize, search or collaborate on your bookmarks easily and quickly across all your devices. allows you to organize your bookmarks into lists. You can also add tags to each bookmark so that you can retrieve all the bookmarks later with one tag.

Bookmarks will be saved with a screenshot or cover image, this can be helpful later to find the link quickly.

If you want to share a list of URLs or web-resources with the world, you can make your collection public. When you make your collection public, this app will give you a unique URL that can be shared on any platform out there.

You can import bookmarks into from your favorite browser very easily. It also supports exporting bookmarks so that you can keep your data with you.

If you knew about earlier, you would have replaced your default browser bookmarks long back.

AirDroid: Remote access & File

Free, offers In App Purchases for extra features

AirDroid helps you to manage your Android phone completely from your PC, Mac or Laptop. You can transfer files to and from your phone, access your phone screen remotely, manage contacts, make calls or backup files from your system.

AirDroid on Web

With AirDroid, you can do almost anything on your Android Device from your browser that too wirelessly.

Airdroid can allow you to transfer files, screen sharing, manage contacts, read and reply SMS, view and act on notifications, answer and make phone calls.

You can also use Airdroid to backup your videos and photos to your computer. This app also allows you to share the clipboard between your phone and your computer.

You can also use this app to find your phone when it’s lost.


Basic Account for Free. Premium Account costs 4.99 USD/month.

CamScanner helps you to scan your paper documents into a high-quality digital document. You can extract and search text on the document. It also allows you to edit the resulting document by adding watermark or comments. Important documents can be protected using passwords and PINs.

When you capture a paper document using CamScanner, It automatically suggests cropping in such a way that output digital document is crisp and clear without any external object.

You can easily share the scans over social media or fax it from the app itself. CamScanner also supports Airprint.

CamScanner allows all your documents to be synced across all your devices seamlessly. Text on the paper document can be extracted separately using OCR.

Speak Notes: Speak & Type Memo Pad with Reminder

The Free version contains ads, Offers In-App Purchase to remove ads.

SpeakNotes provides you the minimalistic way to create, edit and share your notes and todos with your voice. It uses AI-backed, Speech to Text technology to help you capture notes by just speaking.

Android has tons of notes apps loaded with features. But everyone doesn’t need them. If you are looking for a simple, fast and accurate app to capture quick notes and get reminded about important events, then Speak Notes is the app for you.


Free to download, but charges $3/month for premium features.

Todoist is one of the favorite apps globally to save todos, notes, and reminders and sync them real-time across all the devices. You can also collaborate on various lists with your team and prioritize your tasks by color coding them.

It provides your subtle ways of capturing recurring reminders using the natural language processing capabilities of the app. It integrates with more than 60 famous apps, so it lets you use your favorite apps and yet leverage the advantages of Todoist.

WeNote – Color Notes, To-do, Reminders & Calendar

Free initially but offers In app Purchases.

WeNote helps you to create color notes, reminders, calendars and to-do lists easily without any login or ads. This app does best to help you keep your notes private by use of PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint.

It also allows you to add your handwriting or drawings as an attachment. Offcourse you can create drawings inside the app itself.

WeNote is simple and easy to use, yet it gives a wide range of features to you. That’s why it is so highly rated on Google Play.

Not only WeNote provide a lot of features, but it also helps you to keep your notes private. You can backup your notes to your Google Drive, so your data remains with you. It can also work offline.

The premium version allows you to add a voice recordings to your notes and also provides a home screen widget.

aTimeLogger – Time Tracker

Free download but offers in app purchases for extra features.

aTimeLogger is the app which lets you monitor your day to day activities and view reports later in an eye-catching manner. This helps you to find about where your time was spent and hence make better decisions in the future.

You can create your goals and track your progress towards your goals. The gamification and reports motivate you to do better. aTimeLogger also supports recording simultaneous activities.

The best thing is, it works great with Android Wear.

Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker


Boosted App is the mix of time tracker and todo app, which lets you control on how much time you spent on performing each task in your to-do list.

Boosted is similar to aTimeLogger app but Boosted focusses more on completion of tasks rather than just tracking your time spent on various activities.


Free version contains ads, gives free trial for 30 days and then purchase for 4.99$ flat.

Join lets you do stuff remotely on your Android device from your PC. You can share files, images, clipboard, web-links, screenshots and more. You can reply to your SMS / MMS / WhatsApp from your browser using Join App.

Join is similar to PushBullet, but I think PushBullet gives you more features. Secondly, PushBullet gives you a free version forever, but after 30 days you need to pay $4.99 in order to keep using Join. On the other hand for PushBullet, you need to pay the subscription fee each month. Join app charges just one time.

NEO Bookmark

Free but contains Ads.

NEO Bookmark provides you dedicated app for managing all your bookmarks easily without any complication. It also allows you to search or sort your current bookmarks.

NEO Bookmark provides a simple and minimal solution for storing bookmarks across the devices. Another plus point is, that its very lightweight ( Install size < 1 Mb).

What are your favorite Android Apps to Boost productivity?

The list was curated by me and our Android experts. Still, I am sure you might be using different apps for productivity. Feel free to tell me the names of your favorite Android Apps in the comments section, so that I can make this list better. Thanks for your time.

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Best Productivity Apps on Android in 2019

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