Apps for Literature Students

Best Apps for Literature Students

Sitting here in my room wondering what are some the best apps for literature students?

Apps on your smartphone can help you do better in your field, so I did a little research and found that literature students would need apps to read and discover new books, some apps for providing audiobooks, apps to improve on your grammar. You may also need apps to lookup some tough words aka Dictionary apps. Another thing you may like the apps where you can join your community and learn more.

So here are all the apps divided into sections. Feel free to jump to any section or leave your suggestions in comments.

Apps and Tools for Discovering/Exploring good Books

One of the primary aspects of being a good literature student is to read a lot of good books.

You might also like to check apps that help you find new content for research or literature.

There are a bunch of very good apps that can help you discover new books written by authors across the globe. Check out a few great options.

Kobo Books (Android / iOS)

Kobo Books – App Intro

Kobo has got over 5 million titles to choose from and definitely it has something for your taste too. You can buy the book and start reading instantly. It gives you not only eBooks but graphic novels and audiobooks too. It has got a pretty comfortable reader interface, allows you to highlight and take notes inside the app. Its

NOOK by Barnes and Noble (Android / iOS)

NOOK App by Barnes  and Noble

NOOK is another good eBook discovery and digital reading platform where you can start reading a book from where you left on your other device. This is because the app syncs nicely across all your devices. In addition to books, the NOOK app keeps you updated with all the latest news, updates and community reviews of the latest books.

Scribd (Android / iOS)

Scribd is not exclusively for literature students but it is the app that lets you browse millions of articles, books, research papers, audiobooks and more. I included Scribd in this list because it provides curated Classic Literature content which might be very helpful for you.

Just subscribe to the Scribd service and get access to classic literature. It may also help you with other subjects and also helps you research which you are writing a thesis.

Inkitt (Android / iOS)

Free Fiction books provided in Inkit may not help you directly but it may help you to discover new books from Indie writers and help you get inspired by one of them.

Book reader apps

As a literature student, books are your best friends. You may want to develop your own thought process and yes you may want to read books from a wide variety of authors. Technology today can help you read the best books ever in history on your palm tips. Just go grab one of these apps and start binge-reading. You may already have heard a lot of names in this section.

Amazon Kindle (Android / iOS)

Amazon Kindle App
Amazon Kindle App

Amazon Kindle is regarded as the best publishing platform out there online. So chances of finding good literature titles are great. It comes with a great user interface, light and dark themes, Goodreads integration, in-app dictionary, Wikipedia lookup, instant translations and a lot more to provide excellent reading experience.

Google Play Books (Android / iOS)

Google Play Books is an excellent source of bestsellers around the globe. As you read the app, it gives you personalized recommendations for books, and believe me those recommendations are great. And you know what its best for taking notes inside the books and you can share the notes within your classmates through Google Drive. It can also read out your books for you.

FBReader (Android / iOS / Mac)

FBReader is a very famous, free and well-acknowledged ebook reader that supports all the main ebook formats ePub/ ePub3, Kindle azw3 and fb2(.zip). You can either download the books from the app or download the apps to your phone and read it using FBReader. It’s lightweight as compared to Amazon Kindle but misses a lot of exciting features. If your device is not very high end, you’ll definitely want to try this.

It’s also available now for your Mac but it is not optimized for Windows 10.

Calibre eBook management (Download)

Calibre can act as your mini-library to arrange, organize and display your books on your laptop or on your computer(PC / Mac). You can also create your own e-books if you want using Calibre. It is currently not available for your mobile devices.

Apps that provide Audiobooks

Audiobooks are the new format as compared to eBooks. Here, I am going to mention a few apps that are specifically designed to allow you to listen to books(not read them). It lets you keep reading/learning while traveling or even jogging.

Audiobooks from Audible (Android / iOS)

Audiobooks by Audible
Audiobooks by Audible

This app has simply the world’s biggest collection of audiobooks. Along with the literature books, it also allows you to listen to news from within the app.  You can listen to your favorite literature books across all your devices including Amazon Kindle, Alexa-enabled devices, any Bluetooth speaker and any audio player. Great!! Go check out the latest literature audiobooks. (Android / iOS) helps you to listen to your books which you have downloaded using Amazon Kindle or Kobo Books mentioned earlier in the post. Along with books, it also gives you access to over 700,000 podcasts from the creators across the globe.

EBooks by Oodles (Android / iOS)

Oodles provide you with more than 50000 free ebooks and more than 15000 free audiobooks. It also covers the classic literature, so if you are tight on budget and you may find a book you are looking for in this app without spending a penny.

Oodles also provides Hindi literature from famous Indian authors like Munshi Premchand, Chanakya, Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore and more.

Apps to learn Grammar

If you are a literature student, then I dont need to tell you about the importance of learning the grammar of your language. There are not a lot of apps for the grammar of all the languages spoken across the globe. But for English, there are some excellent apps which can help you to improve your grammar.

Grammarly (Android, iOS, Chrome Extension, Mac, Windows)

Grammarly no doubt is my number one choice to improve English grammar. Imagine you being a literature student doing grammatical mistakes in your assignments. That would be horrible for your grades. If you are submitting your assignments in soft-copy i.e. word document online, then you must use Grammarly Keyboard or Chrome extension to point out your grammatical mistakes automatically.

The best part is, it not only corrects your grammatical mistakes but also helps you to replace odd phrases with better and more appropriate ones. Grammarly has been my best friend since I have found it.

If you use Google Docs, then you can also use Grammarly Add-on for Google Docs. If you want to read about Grammar, then check this Grammar handbook.

Learn English Grammar By British Council

Download US Edition(Android / iOS)

Download UK Edition(Android / iOS)

British Council has done a great job by creating free grammar learning apps for the US as well as the UK English Speakers starting from Beginner (CEFR level A1), Elementary, Intermediate, up to Advanced (CEFR level C2) level. With more than 1000 practice questions, it is one of the best apps out there to learn English Grammar.

English with Lingualeo (Android/ iOS)

This app is simply awesome for learning grammar because it has a gamification approach and it has got no ads. I can tell you it has got serious content. Go grab it and start practicing daily.

Probably, there are tons of other apps to learn grammar as well but these 3 are the best.

Good Dictionary apps to improve your vocabulary

Throughout your career, you will always need to look for new words, learn their meanings and improve. So here are a few dictionary apps that I recommend to improve your vocabulary.

Merriam Webster – Dictionary(Android / iOS)

It is one of the most respected names in Dictionaries. Not only you can search for any word and look for its meaning and usage. You can also play word games inside the app itself. You can also listen to the pronunciation of any word or also search any word using a voice search.

Oxford Dictionary of English (Android / iOS)

Oxford Dictionary is great but its pronunciation feature has a lesser number of words and those too are available in the premium version of the app. But the plus point is, it helps you search with wildcard characters (‘*’ or ‘?’) to replace a letter or entire parts of a word, just in case you can’t spell the whole exact word to search.

Pro Tip: Add the Oxford dictionary widget on the home screen of your phone. It will show you a new word daily to learn. (Android / iOS) helps you to find synonyms and antonyms with ease. It is not just a common dictionary to look up the meaning of the word, but it also helps you with pronunciation as well as grammatical use of the word. Go and try this one.!

Follow your online communities

As they say, the experience is the best teacher. Other experienced people in your field can teach you more in less time about literature as compared to just learning from books and other reading material. I would recommend you to go and join online communities, connect with more people in your field and learn more, grow fast. Check these communities for your growth.

Goodreads (Android / iOS)

Did you found some new books on your college library shelf? Just scan its cover using Goodreads and it will let you know about the reviews of the book by other avid readers and students of literature like you. This app is a kind of Book recommendation engine. Just get the recommendation, buy the books through the convenient links given and read them through Kindle App or other book readers. Smooth workflow!

You can also discuss, share and recommend books to your friends.

Reddit (Android / iOS)

Reddit is not exactly the app that can improve your literature, but it definitely can help you connect with some great people out there. Install Reddit and join the following subreddits.

Wattpad Books and Stories (Android / iOS)

Ideally, this is the best platform for new writers. They call themselves the world’s best storytelling platform. You create new stories and share them. Wattpad platform will connect you with multimedia entertainment companies around the world. This can help you land a good internship or even your first job.

Other Apps to help you in literature

In this section, I am going to tell you some miscellaneous apps which do not necessarily fit in any of the categories above.

Literary Terms ( Android only)

The app just helps you learn about literary terms.

Shakespeare Complete Works (Android)

This app contains all the literary works of Shakespeare. Go and get it if you are a fan of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare Pro (Android / iOS)

Another one for all Shakespeare followers. iOS App is paid.

Poems and Poetry in English (Android)

Poetry was largely uncovered in this whole article, I will try and find more apps on English Poetry.

Project Gutenberg (Web)

It is not exactly an app, it’s a website that helps you with tons of free ebooks( includes Literature Books also).


If you have come this far, I would like to give you a link which has useful websites and resources for people studying English and literature related subjects. Go Checkout and have fun.

Also you might want to check out a few great budget tools for your student life.


I have listed out apps to help you literature students and classifying them in various sections to help you choose your tools easily and hence help you in the long term. I hope you found the list useful.

Your suggestions are important to us. Please feel free to mention any app I missed in the comments below. Let me know which one is your favorite app to help you become better literature.

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