Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps in 2020

There are millions of apps on Google Play. All of them are not for you. All of them are not good. So in order to help you out, we have curated a category wise list of Best Android apps this month.

Some of the apps listed might be quite familiar and others might be new for you. We have simply added them to the list based on their ratings, popularity and utility. If you think I have missed anything, feel free to jump to comments section and write your heart out.

To make it easier for our users, I have divided this list into 17 categories. Here are the best android apps in each category this month. Feel free to jump to any section.

Table Of Contents

Best Android Productivity Tools

Daywise – Schedule notifications. Be calm & focused


Daywise help you schedule unimportant notifications in batches, so that you are not bothered un-necessarily.

It’s easy to get distracted by notifications. This app helps in creating the perfect balance between staying connected and staying focussed.

Otter Voice Notes ( for English

Free with In App Purchases

Otter helps you record and transcribe important conversations in realtime. You can search through the notes later without scrubbing through whole audio.

Introduction to Otter

Otter is simply awesome because of its accuracy(when online) and the variety of use-cases in which it can be used. It can be used to transcribe webinars, keynotes, lectures, podcasts, interviews and videos. And wonderful part, everything is searchable later. It offers to transcribe 600 minutes every month for free.


Free with In App Purchases

Evernote helps you create, manage and search all important todos and notes. Notes can be text, photos, web-pages, audio, video or drawing.

Evernote is brilliant for using in business, you can take notes of meetings, create agendas/ planners and more. In education it can be helpful for students to maintain quick notes. Everybody creates and maintains notes. So this app becomes highly useful.

TickTick: To Do List with Reminder, Day Planner

Free with In App Purchases

TickTick is simple yet effective to-do app. It offers most widest variety of features in its free version as compared to other similar apps.

TickTick provides more features than Todoist and that too in its free version. TickTick is also cheaper in that regard.

Dashlane Password Manager

Free with In App Purchases.

Dashlane Password Manager has patented security mechanism to store your sensitive information in secure and private way. Even your password is not saved on Dashlane’s servers.

We use tons of online services these days. This app helps you to relax and browse your favourite services without worrying about remembering passwords and that too with enterprise level security.

Scanbot – PDF Document Scanner

Free with In App Purchases

Scanbot app is document to PDF scanner app with the trust of over 7 million users. You can scan documents, receipts, whiteboards, QR codes or bar codes.

Scanbot UI

Scanbot can be pretty handy to capture whiteboards for professionals, classroom notes for students and even scanning important documents.

Best Android Apps for Learning and Knowledge



Wikipedia is the best free online encyclopedia on the internet. It provides you explore feed which contains popular articles recommended based on your reading history and preference.

Wikipedia allows you to learn in your language by providing multi-lingual support. You can also save the lists with offline access. If you want to know about anything, in any field, at any time, you can simply rely on Wikipedia app.


Free but contains Ads

Goodreads helps you find, share and get the best books on the globe. It is best place to discuss and review books. You will also get personalized recommendations for the books of your taste.

If you are a book lover, than this is a must have app for you. You can know about best books from best authors around the world.


Free with In App Purchases. Contains Ads.

Curiosity app is best way to find best handpicked articles and videos about any topic

Curiosity App on Android

This app does all the hard work for you by choosing only few articles and videos which can be useful for you. It uses machine learning behind the scenes to provide you best suggestions on the web.

Lithium Reader

Free with Paid Pro Version

Lithium EPUB Reader gives you the best experience for reading e-books. It also allows you to add notes, highlights, and bookmarks to your favorite books with ease.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android



Snapseed is completely free and professional photo editor. It provides more than 25 tools and filters powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Snapseed is unique because of the power of artificial intelligence in addition to wonderful filters and tools. It is totally free without any ads.

Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor


This app brings the power of Adobe Photoshop to your smartphone. It also helps you to create impressive and trendy collages along with photo editing capabilities.


Free with In App Purchases

Photofy is the content creation tool which provides easy to use pre-defined templates to light up your photos for social media posts. It also helps you to create collages and marketing content with ease.

This kind of app is perfect for marketers, influencers and even social media freaks. It boasts of providing the world’s largest collection of graphic elements which is amazing. This app allows you to get results quickly, that’s why it is loved so much.

For meme lovers, Photofy also includes meme editor.

Best Camera Apps for Android

Open Camera


Open Camera is best camera app for Android. It supports all the modern features of a smartphone camera with No Ads and completely free.

It’s very hard to find app with such a huge amount of features and still existing for free.


Free with In App Purchases

VSCO allows you to shoot and edit your photos with presets. It also allows you to connect with other photographers around the world. VSCO also offers you to discover magnificent content curated by its community.

Its not only a camera app but also a social network of photographers where you can share your experience and read ideas/tips from other members of the community.

VSCO also has film inspired presets, so that you can go and create one, than show it off on social media 😀

Camera FV-5

Free with Paid Pro version

Camera FV-5 gives you DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips. It works best on Android Devices with Android version greater than 5.0 (Lollipop).

If you are an expert photographer, than this is the app for you. But if you are a novice like me, than better choose other options above 😉

Best Entertainment Apps for Android


Free with Ads

Youtube as you already know, is the number one platform for sharing and viewing videos. You can subscribe to channels of your preference and get recommendations based on your taste.

We all love videos more than text or other form of content. Youtube contains everything tutorials, comedy, news, music concerts or business events.

Radiogram – FM Radio

Free with No Ads

Radiogram allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations without any aerial. It is simple and easy to use. Also supports Chromecast and Android Auto.

It provides few of the best radio stations around the world with variety of genre like sports, news or music.


Free but contains Ads

SoundCloud is world’s largest audio and music streaming platform with over 152 million tracks. Its music recommendations become better and better as you use it. You can also upload your own creations.

SoundCloud is not only good for music lovers but also for artists and music creators. You can also host podcasts on SoundCloud.

Google Play Music missed this list by a small margin. Check it out as well if you like bug free player for your on-device music.

Best Apps for Customise your Android

Meteor Swipe – Edge sidebar launcher

Free with In App Purchases.

Meteor Swipe helps you to switch and access your favourite apps quickly using just a swipe.

Meteor Swipe

You can not only add apps as a shortcut in sidebar, but also you can add your favorite contacts and folders. If you are running an Android TV, then this app also supports mouse and keyboards, just hover to bring out the sidebar.

If you are using MIUI or Flyme OS, then it might not work. Follow these steps, to fix it.

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Free with In App Purchases

Action Launcher provides a mix of Pixel Launcher and Android Pie(9.0). It allows you to customize your app icons, shortcuts, widgets. This launcher also provides custom docked search bar, Shutters(widget access from shortcuts), Google feed and much more.

Action Launcher

Free with In App Purchases.

App Swap Drawer is a very popular app launcher which integrates Apps, Dialler and Contacts Search into one. Also provides custom themes and icon packs.

You don’t need to change your existing launcher, it works with Google Now, Nova, Yahoo Aviate, Everything Me, Action Launcher and many more.

Sesame missed this list by a very slight margin.

Paid App with Free Version

Simple Gallery helps you to organise and edit your photos. It allows you to recover deleted files and allows you to hide some of your files without any ads or un-necessary permissions.

Simple Gallery Pro has in-app lock, where you can set pin, pattern or fingerprint, and hence protect your files.

Free with Ads and In App Purchases.

FOTO Gallery is lightweight gallery app for your Android device. It also allows you to recover deleted files, hide private folders, set cover pics, search photos/videos, change themes and more.

You might also like Camera Roll – Gallery and F-Stop Gallery. These 2 are also brilliant gallery apps.

Best Wallpaper Apps for Android

WallPapers – Google

Free without Ads

This app from Google provides beautiful wallpapers from your own photos, Google Earth, scenic landscapes from Google+ and more. Moreover, collection keeps growing each day. You can select category and each day it will give you new wallpaper.

Wallpapers App on Google Play
Source – Google Play


Free with In App Purchases.

Tapet creates high-quality backgrounds automatically from the wallpaper of your choice. Wallpapers generated are created according to your device’s resolution.

Tapet Background (Source of Image : Google Play)

The wallpapers generated by this app are so unique, that you will never see any wallpaper repeated by the app, though you can save your favourites and view them later.


Free with In App Purchases and Ads

Backdrops provide you with tons of amazing and original wallpapers which are handpicked by the editorial team. You can also share your wallpapers with others.

Newly uploaded wallpapers are shown as “Wall of the Day”, the selected wallpapers are so amazing that you can’t resist checking this app daily for another masterpiece.

You may also like Walpy, Resplash, and Material Islands™ wallpaper apps.

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Free with Ads and In App Purchases.

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular health and fitness apps. You can effortlessly log your meals and exercises to track your progress to achieve your fitness goals.

This app has more than 11 million food items in its database, so that you can log your food without any fuss. You can also import nutrition information of the recipes you cook. If you are dining out, then this app can log menu items from your favourite restaurants also.

It also has macro(carbohydrates, fats and proteins) tracker in addition to calorie tracker.

This app syncs your data across all of your devices.

Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Guidance


Train with Nike Training Club to get personalized workout recommendations. It provides a set of recommended workouts which can guide you towards your fitness goals.

Nike Training Club provides workouts for all levels from beginner to advanced.

You can also get inspired by the workouts of your favorite athletes like  Cristiano Ronaldo, Isaiah Thomas, Serena Williams,  Ellie Goulding and more.

It also syncs your data with Google Fit.

Let’s Meditate: Heartfulness


Heartfulness provides guided relaxation, meditation and mental detoxication. It provides meditation sessions serviced by certified trainers across the world. Helps you to achieve happier and more peaceful life.

This app is best to achieve mental and emotional well being.

Being a fitness freak, you may also love Strong App and Lose It! Calorie Counter app.

Best Social Media Apps for Android

Story Maker  – Insta Stories

Free with Ads and In App Purchases

Story Maker helps you to pep-up your stories on Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook. It provides templates for collages, backgrounds for your Insta stories and other features to make you a social media star.

Meetup: Find events near you

Free with Native Ads

Meetup helps you get connected with local groups and events near you. You can even add details of your own events. Helps you to keep in touch with people you met.


Free with Native Ads

Pinterest helps you find new inspiration everyday. You can explore more ideas and images, save your ideas for future reference and share your ideas.

Its best for people looking for:

  • Home design, architecture & DIY,
  • Fashion and style inspiration,
  • Food, new recipes & cooking,
  • Travel, fitness & beauty

You might also like Instagram and Snapchat, which are 2 of the most famous Social Media platforms of the world.

Best Messaging and Communication Apps for Android



WhatsApp is the no. 1 messaging platform of the web. You can also do voice call, video call and group chat using your Internet connection.

WhatsApp Basics

With WhatsApp, you can also send documents, contacts and share live location. You can also access Whatsapp from your web browser at

WhatsApp comes without any charges and ads.

Messages by Google


This is the official messaging app by Google for messaging(SMS / MMS / RCS). It comes with brilliant design and easy to use. It is also available on the web on ( like WhatsApp Web).

“Messages App” also supports Send audio messages, emoji, stickers, or your location.



Telegram is simple, fast and secure instant messaging platform. It also gives Secret Chats in Addition to everything which WhatsApp offers. You can also create and use Bots on Telegram.

If you tend to send large documents or large videos, or need to setup bots, then Telegram is better then WhatsApp.

You may also like to use Wire – Secure Messenger and Signal Private Messenger for instant messaging.

Best Lifestyle Apps for Android

Sleep as Android

Free with Ads and In App Purchases

Sleep as Android is your sleep cycle tracker app which uses wearables to wakes you up when you are in lightest moment in your sleep.

Sleep As Android

Alarm sounds are natural(birds, sea, storm) which makes it unique from its competitors.

It supports sonar capability which allows contactless ultrasonic sleep tracking. Sleep as Android integrates well with other services like Google Fit and Samsung Health.

Brilliant Quotes

Free with In App Purchases and Ads

“Brilliant Quotes” is the best app for motivational quotes on Android with a great selection of authors and categories. It also allows you to save your favorite ones and share them on social media.

Brilliant Quotes

Birthdays – Reminder, and Greeting Cards

Free with In App Purchases

Never let your loved ones frown on you for forgetting the birthdays by using this app. It also provides tons of well designed greeting cards.

Install this app and be the one who remembers all birthdays 😉 You can also add notes for the birthday gift ideas to each of your contact, so that you don’t have to think too much at the last moment.

It also comes with widget which shows upcoming birthdays on your home-screen.

Best Android News Apps

Flipboard: Latest News

Free but it contains Ads

Flipboard helps you discover the best content from the web, based on your personal preferences. You can discover and customize your newsstand according to your taste. It also lets you create and share your own personal magazines.

You can also read a daily roundup of important stories which are handpicked by the Flipboard editorial team. If you are a publisher then you can also publish your magazine on Flipboard.

Magzter: All Digital Magazines

Free with In App Purchases

Magzter provides more than 10,000 magazines in responsive format for your screen. It also provides personalised articles on home page of the app.

You can read your favorite magazines even if you are offline. Magzter also allows you to bookmark pages of any magazine.

This app provides famous magazines of all kinds like Automotive, Business, Cooking, Entertainment, Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle, News, Science, Sports and Travel.

Beebom – Instant Tech News


Beebom delivers tech news instantly to your phone in a clean and ad-free format. It provides trending news which matters along with amazing videos on consumer tech.

These news apps are so good that even BBC News and Google News missed the list.

Best Weather Apps for Android


Free with Ads and In App Purchases

AccuWeather gives most accurate weather updates on the web. It also helps you with severe weather warnings. You’ll be updated about weather anywhere 15 days in advance.

AccuWeather is most loved for its accuracy and details which it provides.


Free with Ads and offers In App Purchases

1Weather is beautiful way to get weather updates. You can track current conditions and forecasts for more than 12 locations. This app offers a good looking widget also.

In addition to weather updates, 1Weather also tracks Sunrise and Sunset Time,Lunar (Moon) Phases.

Klara weather


If you like minimal details about weather, than Klara Weather is the app for you.

Best Browser Apps on Android


Brave Browser helps you browse the internet without any ads (in built ad-blocker) and with total privacy(script and 3rd party tracker blocker). Since it blocks ads and trackers, its automatically faster then other browsers.

Google Chrome


Google Chrome is fast and easy to use browser which comes in by default with your Android device. It gives amazing features like personalized news articles, instant search results as you type, form auto-fill, incognito browsing, voice search, google translate built-in and much more.

Firefox Browser fast & private


Firefox is well known name in the world of browsers. This is smart, fast, secure and customisable. Firefox provides customisation with thousands of available add-ons. It provides intuitive interface for tab navigation.

You may also like to test the Kiwi Browser and Lynket Browser.

Best File Management Apps for Android

Files By Google


“Files By Google” not only helps you manage your files but also free up space with intelligent suggestions. You can find your files easily and also back up without much fuss. You can also share files between your devices even when you are offline.

This app also gives you option to backup files to cloud as well as SD Card.

Google Drive

Free upto 15 GB of space.

Google Drive allows you to add your files to your personal cloud so that you can access your files from all of your devices. It allows you to share files with others without any problem.


Free but offers In App Purchases.

Dropbox allows you to collaborate on files easily. It is one of the best method to share large files with others.

Dropbox also allows you to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

You can also try FolderSync and Solid Explorer File manager.

Best Apps for Automation on Android


Free Download but offers in app purchase, also contains ads.

MacroDroid allows you to automate your daily tasks on your smartphone with great ease. It offers more than 70 triggers to start the processes which you want to automate.


To automate one of your task you have to perform these steps:

  1. Select a trigger: Trigger is an event on which the action will start. MacroDroid offers more than 70 triggers for you to choose from. e.g. Low battery, location-based trigger, sensor triggers, app opened/ closed, connectivity-based triggers( Bluetooth / wifi etc).
  2. Select Macro: Macro is an action that you want to be performed automatically when the trigger happens. MacroDroid offers over 100 different Macros. e.g. Speak Text, Select Volume Levels, connect to Bluetooth or wifi, start the timer, etc.
  3. Constraints (optional): You can add constraints for macros to work like time of day, headphones inserted, battery level and many more.



IFTTT allows you to automate your tasks in one app based on events in another app. It also allows your devices to talk to each other.

IFTTT provides ready to use automation tasks which are termed as Applets.

This app is more flexible than MacroDroid but it has a steep learning curve if you have never used it. IFTTT works with over 600 apps including Twitter, Gmail, Telegram, Google Drive, Twitch, Philips Hue, Weather Underground and more. This app works well with  Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Since new services are added each week, this app is becoming more useful than ever before.

Apps for Performance of your Android Device



Greenify App helps you to maintain the performance of your device by killing un-necessary apps and still preserving full functionality of the device.

What are your favorite apps on Android?

I am sure I might have missed some of your favorite apps. Do me a favor, comment the links of your favorite apps in the comments section so that I can make this list better.

I hope this list was helpful for you. Thanks for your time.

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