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The Best Alarm Clock App – Alarmy

Do you always set yourself to wake up early in the morning and end with back to bed turning off your alarm?  Here I got a most annoying alarm app for you Alarmy. 

Alarmy is one of the best apps to wake you up. I have used so many apps but always ended up snoozing the alarm and going back to sleep. But Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) is my all-time favorite app, currently No.1 in 97 countries.

I searched from the internet the best alarm app that can force me out of my sleep and make me go out and set for my routine. Then I came across Alarmy, its intrigue features steal my attention and I thought to give it a try.

It’s been more than 6 months, I and my BFF has been using this app. Sometimes I hate this app cause it makes me wake up without leaving a single option.

Let me share with you the feature that makes it work better than any other app.

Modes in Alarmy

The alarm app has been intelligently designed to force you out of bed by giving you missions. The app is consist of different MODES

  1. Photo Mode
    Set it up by registering a photo of the place or an area in your room or house. The alarm will set off only when you go out from your bed and take the photo of your registered area otherwise it will keep on ringing. As Alarmy matches the registered area pic make sure to set the location of the pic where light remains the same.
  2. Math Problems
    You have to solve the math problems for the app to turn off the alarm. You can choose the type of problem from very hard to super easy and also set the number of rounds. You have to mentally wake up to solve the math problem. This didn’t work for my hubby, he sets this up but always solves the math problem and sleep again.
  3. Shake Mode
    You are forced to shake a preset amount of times for the alarm to turn off.  You can increase and decrease the number of times of shake with shake sensitivity( mildly shake to heavily shake).
  4. Memorize Game
    To set the alarm off you have to match the pattern shown to you earlier.
  5. Barcode / QR Code
    Same as picture mode, With this mode, the app will allow you to turn off the alarm once you match the bar or QR code.

How good is Alarmy?

The app is serving its purpose at its best to wake you up on the time by its unique mission. The app consists of various challenges and puzzles to turn the alarm off.

It is one of the most creative alarm apps. The best part is the app is completely free, the premium version will remove ads.

Alarmy is one of the most creative alarm app.

The dashboard of the app shows you the weather and current news once you off your alarm. Another useful feature is the ability to play ambient sounds/sleep music for an hour as you fall asleep.

Missing Features in Alarmy

I would not say the problem is with the app or app missed some features but its some sluggish people like me who always find out a way to get rid of this annoying Alarmy app that will make them wake up anyhow.

The app will not keep the check on its toughest mode “PICTURE MODE” one can set any type of easy to click pictures as I do ;-). I set my pillow image to turn the alarm off…Smart! hehe… (sometimes not always).

One serious suggestion for this app is to put a motivational text or task that must perform along with the challenge.

Alternatives to Alarmy

  1. Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers 
  2. Early Bird Alarm Clock
  3. Good Morning Alarm Clock
  4. Alarm Clock: Stopwatch & Timer

How do I Get Alarmy on my phone?



Our Rating for Alarmy

For its unique and creative challenges to set the alarm off, I will give Alarmy(Sleep If U Can) app 5 out of 5.

Final Verdict

The app is innovative, creative and fantastic. If you are serious about waking up and set for schedule then register for a pic that makes you move from your bed or choose the hard math problem to start your brain to work – make you less sleepy.

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The Best Alarm Clock App – Alarmy

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