How to Automatically Reply SMS on Android?

How to automatically reply to SMS on Android?

Forgot to text Birthday wishes to your BFF?  Didn’t revert to the call of your BOSS, wife/husband? hmm… What if you have some app in your smartphone that works smartly for you and sends the SMS, wishes to your BFF, relative, cousin and all-important persons while you are busy in your commitments. It would be great right? So, thanks to developers of  Auto SMS,  a marvelous app to help you out.  The app will reply to the missed call, and  SMS automatically.

It also gives you the privilege to the user to set a schedule for sending SMS in the future. The app can also read out the messages in supported languages.

The app is helpful to reply to text messages and incoming calls when you are occupied with some prior activities like meeting with officials or boss, driving, vacation mode or busy with the delivery of your project to the client. The user can set a number of profiles like “Busy in Office”, “On vacation”, “In a meeting”  along with the duration of the profile.

You can create a message template or individual texts to deliver in the future and choose the response appropriately.

Features of Auto SMS

  • Automatic reply with templated SMS on text messages and missed calls.
  • The user can select reply messages from recently used messages.
  • No restriction on message length.
  • Different messages can be set for text messages and missed calls.
  • “Reply Once” option for each scheduled session.
  • Customized auto-response which allows you to send different messages to your trusted contacts.
  • Auto-response ON/OFF from home screen widget.
  • Multiple profiles can be set for an auto-response.
  • The user can set Auto-response Turn-ON duration
  • Ringer Mode to silent mode can be during Auto SMS turn on and the app restores by itself after turn off.
  • The App manages the battery efficiently. The battery will not be consumed when the app is not in use.
  • The user can schedule SMS  to send in the future, suppose you want to send birthday wishes to your friend and you dont want to wake up late at night. 
  • SMS Reader: read out the message. The user needs to install a Text-to-speech engine for this facility.
  • The user can set the app to forward received SMS to specified numbers.
  • Only one SMS to sent no matter how many times the same number contacts you within 5 minutes. This avoids unnecessary costs for SMS.
  • Track the delivery status of the message.

Cost of App – Paid or Free

Auto SMS is available for free of cost with ad support in the Google play store.  The paid version of the app without ads and a text backup feature is available at a minimal cost.

The user needs Android 2.3 or newer to run Auto SMS.

Missing Features?

The app Auto SMS lacks GPS, Bluetooth, and another contextual switching. 

UI of this app is crap. It needs a redesign.

How to Download Auto SMS?

Auto SMS-on-googlestore

This app is not available on iTunes at the moment.


The boatload features and simple interface makes SMS Auto – top used the app for Android users.

Auto SMS has a lot of features for dealing with missed calls, text messages and scheduled text messages. With one tap you can turn an auto-response profile on or off. The user can also set up widgets on the home screen for different profiles and auto reader. This is the app is dream come true for many users as the user just set up a different response for different situations and time. Viola!

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How to automatically reply to SMS on Android?

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