Auto-reply WhatsApp when you are busy

Today, life is full of apps and websites. We use social media and messaging apps regularly. WhatsApp is one such app which is present in all the smartphones today. Everyone prefers to be connected on WhatsApp. In a busy life, we sometimes miss out replying our close friends, family members, and dear ones. This sometimes creates a bit of gap. Guess what? We have a solution for this. Yes, we have an app for this “AutoResponder for WA – Auto Reply Bot”. It provides Auto-reply feature for WhatsApp™, whenever you’re busy, just turn it ON and set a custom message, it will automatically reply to all incoming messages.

How good is it?

In one word, it’s AWESOME. The UI is so simple and easy to use. You just need to turn it on and set the message which you want the app to send in the auto-reply. It allows you to choose from a list of predefined messages or you can set your custom message.

The predefined messages are targeted at the response to text messages and these are quite similar to the WhatsApp Status updates. Few of the predefined messages –

  • I’m busy, text you later.
  • I am driving, text you later

Another helpful feature is that you can choose the target contacts whom you want to auto-respond. Here are the current options.

  • Enable it for all contacts
  • My Contact List – Here, you can add a few important contacts to your list and only contacts who are present in that list would be auto-responded. Other messages would be ignored.
  • Except for my contact list: – This is exactly opposite to the previous point. All the contacts except those present in your list would be responded.
WhatsApp Auto-reply Contacts
Contact List

And that’s it, It is that simple.

How to Get it?

It is available absolutely FREE without ads on Google Play. But the downside is that it is still not available for iOS.


Looking at the concept it is very unique and it can be very helpful for everyone when busy, it keeps you connected at the same time and that too automatically.

Will it Stay?

The concept is still very new and the app released last week (14th of November). The app reviews are good but it needs more features if it wants to stay

Problems and Missing Features?

Well, the app is still very new though very unique, there are various things which can improve and various other features which can be added to make it more useful and usable. I have listed some of the missing features of the app.

  • In case (for any reason) if you have turned off the WhatsApp notifications, this app is not going to work. This can be its biggest weakness
  • There is only 1 contact list which you can have. You cannot create multiple contact lists (and hence enable/disable WhatsAuto for those lists specifically)
  • User cannot have excluded list and include the list at the same time.
  • One cannot set different reply for different people.

Missing Features?

Here are some of my suggestions for the app

  • Suppose a person works starts driving and he knows he would be back in 1 hour, there must be an option to turn-off the WhatsAuto in 1 hour or some custom time. So simply said there has to be an option for operation in intervals.
  • Multiple lists can be allowed.

Affiliated to WhatsApp?

No this is a totally different app from a totally different developer. At this point, there is no connection between the 2 parties

Updates Planned?

I talked to the developer of this app and he said that they are planning an update to this in the first week of December. So you can expect an update with new features soon.

Alternative Apps on Store?

There are many similar apps on play store with similar concept but they are mostly for marketers and business houses. This is the app which is for everyone and it has got the best UI among all of them.

Rating out of 5

This app has got nice concept and has the ability to scale. There are a lot of missing links. So I rate it 3 out of 5. How do you rate it?

Final Verdict

If you are a little busy kind of guy and you still need to stay connected on WhatsApp, then this is an awesome app for you. If you need Auto Reply of phone calls, then you can try Speak Notes: Speak & Type Memo. It’s a nice little app for novice smartphone users.

Please feel free to tell your views in the comments section. See you soon with a new post.

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Auto-reply WhatsApp when you are busy

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