Do you have absolutely Awesome 1Weather weather app

Do You Have Absolutely Awesome 1Weather App

What do you look for in a weather app? The bottom line for a weather app is temperature, get the forecast for coming hours of the day and weather conditions.  1Weather – a weather app which is a perfect choice for easy, quick and clear information.

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Being quick and minimal doesn’t means that this app missed on details about weather. The app is well designed with lots of widgets for precise information. The app meets all weather needs in easy, fast and beautiful manner.


How good is 1Weather App ?

1Weather covered all aspects whether its temperature, Doppler radar, precipitation forecast, and current phases of the sun and moon. The app also gives the information about wind chill, humidity, pressure, and wind. The app offers graphs to give an idea about the increase in temperature and precipitation. The design of the app is outstanding that makes the information of weather easy and fun.

You as a user just needs to swipe the screen to get the information of weather in next few hours or days in easy, explained or full format. “My Location” option gives a real-time update about the weather as per user location, or you can also add any location as per choice.

1Weather let the user add up to 12 locations and their temperatures will always on your screen, along with numerous widgets that you want to include on your phone home screen. The 1Weather is a must app for planning vacations, reunions, meetings, weddings, parties, and any other outdoor event!


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Features of 1Weather App

  • Great Design and Animation
  • Intuitive and quick navigation
  • lots of widgets options.
  • Temperature color controls.
  • A user can Customize Notifications.
  • Meteorologic forecast for the globe.
  • Fullscreen mode with Zoom options.
  • Standard, Hybrid, and Satellite map view.
  • Marine forecasts.
  • Aviation forecasts.
  • A user can see the temperature in the notification bar.
  • Check sunrise and sunset time.
  • Track bad Weather and rainy day.
  • Supports millions of locations worldwide.
  • Precipitation forecast, weather facts, maps, and videos.
  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • Can add up to 12 Locations for an instant forecast.
  • Easy to share weather conditions with your friends via social media and email.
  • The app is available in many languages.


How much it costs?

The 1Weather app is available free in Play Store and App Store. The app contains Ads.

If you want to remove the ads choose “Get Rid of Ads” from the menu, you need to pay for Pro version, which does not have any ads is available for you. After purchase, the ads will automatically be removed from the application.


Any Problems with 1Weather?

The Map feature of the app does not works as accurately as it is expected.


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Our Verdict

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The design of the1Weather app is great that offers weather forecast, maps, lunar and solar information, sunset and rise times and moon phases. It’s a nice application that function really well. The animations give a very attractive look to the app. Navigation is fast and convenient, customization options are great.

There are hundreds of applications that offer similar features to 1Weather, but are slow as compared to it. The app is most balanced and attractive one when I tested it. This app also featured on top   8 Most Interesting Apps for Android on our website.

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Do You Have Absolutely Awesome 1Weather App

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